Thursday, October 28, 2021

Monthly Musings: Fall Fun And Traditions

It's time for Monthly Musings with Holly and Patty. This month we're talking about Fall Fun and Traditions. After you've read my post, go to Holly or Patty's blogs to read the other blogs in this link up.

1) What are your Halloween traditions?

We used to go trick or treating at Dave's work, grab a quick supper, and then go trick or treating in our neighbourhood. However, Dave switched jobs in January so we won't be trick or treating at his work. (Don't ask Rachel how sad she is about this. Hahaha!!!)

Last year on Hallowe'en we needed to find some fun ways to celebrate during Covid so we instituted an orange supper. We had grilled cheese and Cheetos and the kids are looking forward to eating it again this year. We will go trick or treating with friends (although we don't know which ones yet) and we'll hopefully have spiked Hallowe'en apple cider. YUM!!!

I'm excited this year because we have a family costume theme! Whoooo hoooo!!!

2) Favourite fall activities?

 We enjoyed LUMEN (a light and technology festival in our Uptown) in September. I'm hoping we'll get some fall hikes in yet before it snows. I don't know that we have a lot of favourite fall activities which we do consistently.

scenes from LUMEN, this year

3) Favourite fall recipe?

I really liked curried butternut squash and pear soup. The recipe is this one, along with 1/2c of apple juice to make the broth. Then you puree it and eat it with sour cream.

I also like making stuffed acorn squash. I blogged about that recipe here.

4) What beverage makes you think of fall?

The spiked apple cider that my friend introduced me to. She makes it for Halloween with Jim Beam Red Stag cherry bourbon. I tend to make it on Christmas Eve. It's sooooo yummy!!!

5) Favourite fall fashion staples?

My favourite fall fashion staples are two flannel plaid shirts that I bought at Target on a trip to the US about five years ago. They're old but very comfortable. The other one is very similar but it's in shades of blue and orange.

6) Do you decorate for fall? Halloween? Both?

I put my fall wreath on the front door. I made it in 2013, I think. The other thing I always do is get chrysanthemums for along the fence. Other than that, we don't decorate for this season.

7) Bonfire? Cornmaze? Or hayride?

I think I'd prefer a bonfire or a corn maze, although it's been ages since I've done a corn maze. I love when friends invite us over for a backyard fire though.

8) Apple pie or apple cider?

Definitely apple cider. Although the man at our church has brought us quite a few apple pies this year and they are really good. The last pie he brought us was a pear pie and we ate it in two days. YUM!!!

9) Favourite type of apple?

A red one that isn't too crisp. I don't like green apples and I don't like hard apples. I don't really gravitate to one kind though.

10) What are your Thanksgiving traditions?

We don't really have Thanksgiving traditions. We've started making sauteed shrimp, Caesar salad, and baked veggies for Thanksgiving. Last year we had a special supper for American Thanksgiving and we might do that again this year too.

This year our theme for fall has been "survive" all the things. It's been a very busy fall and, unfortunately, we haven't had a lot of extra time for fun as a family. Maybe we'll have some time in November to enjoy some of the fall before winter hits.


  1. That pie ie beautiful!! Poor green apples, no one likes them!

  2. Your Halloween sounds like a blast and that acorn squash looks amazing! Thanks for linking up Natasha :)

  3. All of these posts are making me so hungry! That acorn squash looks so Good! Thanks for joining us.

  4. Heading over to check out that acorn squash recipe; we have one we love that has apples and ground turkey in it but I just LOVE squash and am always looking for new ways to serve it.

  5. Based on your apple analysis, I think you would really love "gala" apples. Gala are my favorite for the reasons you describe - red and not too hard. I also feel like they have a good flavor (as opposed to "red delicious" which, in my opinion, have no delicious flavor). I also don't like green apples (although my kids do and I think that's weird). I have a lot of apple opinions! CAN't WAIT to see your family costume this year!


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