Thursday, June 27, 2019

Summer "Would You Rather..."

Today is FINALLY our last day of school!!! In honour of the kids' summer vacation starting tomorrow, I decided to share this fun "would you rather." Bekah did this as a blog post last week and I thought it would be fun for our whole family to answer. You can see Bekah's responses here.

1. WOULD YOU RATHER...go one a one week vacation anywhere in the world that you want OR go on a month-long vacation, but have to stay within 200 miles of your hometown?

We all picked one week anywhere in the world. Dave was on the fence but after Googling how far we could get in 300km (200 miles), he was all about the week. I then asked where people would go.

Rachel: a mother-daughter Disney Cruise to France and continue up the "West Coast" to Ireland, the United Kingdom, to Iceland. Or I'd go back to Kenya to visit Ella and her family.


Dave: South Korea, South America, or the South of France (Do you sense a theme here?!)

Natasha: Hawaii
our family in Kenya, June 2017

2. WOULD YOU RATHER...go to the beach, but forget your towel OR go to the beach, but forget your sunscreen? 

Dave said sunscreen, Sam said towel but then he'd use Dave's (!!!), Rachel said towel, and I said towel.

3. WOULD YOU RATHER...get to have ice cream as much as you want this summer, but only have vanilla OR only get to have ice cream three times this summer but get to have whatever flavor you want?

Rachel said "Whatever flavour I want because I don't want to get sick."

Sam said, "Whatever flavour I want because I don't like vanilla."

Dave said, "Whatever flavour I want because I'm not a huge ice cream fan and I want to enjoy it when I have it."

I am the lone hold out with vanilla. I guess I'll be sick all summer! After Rachel understood that eating vanilla didn't mean having to eat ice cream every day, she chose vanilla whenever she wanted.
Us eating ice cream in July 2017

4. WOULD YOU in an Independence Canada Day parade OR host an Independence Canada Day party?

Rachel: I'd rather host the party because I'd have fun with my friends.

Sam: I'd rather host the party because it means Mom and Dad would actually be hosting it and I'd get to have all the fun because I'm too young to host!

Dave: I'd rather host the party. I'd have more fun at a party than being in a parade.

Natasha: I'd rather host the party because I like hosting parties.
Us on Canada Day, 2018

5. WOULD YOU RATHER...have the best summer ever but not be able to remember any of it OR have an ordinary summer and remember every detail?

Rachel: An ordinary summer because our summer trip will be awesome but it won't be the best so I should be able to remember it. (I love her logic here!)

Sam: Since our summers are already pretty awesome, I would rather have an ordinary summer and remember every detail. (Awwwww.)

Dave: I'd rather have an ordinary summer and remember it, because part of what I enjoy about "the best" things is remembering them afterwards so it would be too sad to not remember them.

Natasha: I'd rather have an ordinary summer because part of what makes things "the best" is being able to remember them. So if I can't remember them, are they really "the best"? And aren't the ordinary things really "the best" things anyways?

6. WOULD YOU RATHER...vacation on a deserted island OR a crowded beach?

Rachel: Crowded beach -- hopefully some people will leave because it's too crowded. (HAHAHA!!!)

Sam: I want to know how far away the deserted island is? I guess the beach.

Dave: Deserted island assuming I can be there with my family. Sam replied, "No, we're going to be on the beach!!!" Hahahahahaha!!!

Natasha: Crowded beach. Unless I can bring a lot of books and snacks to the island and I only have to be there for one day. Then I might pick the island. Sam added, "In that case, sign me up for the island too." Rachel added, "Me three. Because I'm bringing 100,000 bunnies and covering the island with them." My deserted island is suddenly feeling rather crowded :)  

7. WOULD YOU a campfire OR a sandcastle?

Rachel: Campfire, because you can roast marshmallows and eat S'mores.
Sam: Campfire, because you can eat S'mores.
Dave: Sandcastle, because it's fun to build things.
Natasha: Campfire, because I like talking with people around campfires. PS. I don't like S'mores.

8. WOULD YOU popsicles OR watermelon?

Rachel: Watermelon
Sam: Popsicles, because they're unhealthier.
Dave: Popsicles, because I don't like watermelon.
Natasha: Watermelon
Making shapes out of watermelon, using cookie cutters, 
makes eating it more interesting.
From July 2014

9. WOULD YOU RATHER...have a backyard that is a huge bounce house OR a huge ball pit?

Rachel:  Ball pit, because we already have a trampoline to bounce on.

Sam: Bounce house because I could still play baseball. (On the bouncy baseball field???)

Dave: Ball pit -- it seems like more fun

Natasha: Ball pit, because bounce houses are always hot and crowded.

10. WOULD YOU on a houseboat for the summer OR live in a tree house?

Rachel: Tree house -- assuming we can keep moving stuff from our house to the tree house.

Sam: How high is the tree house and how big is it? Tree house as long as it's not too high in the tree.

Dave: Houseboat, because I like the idea being able to take our house on a trip.

Natasha: Houseboat, because I lived on my friend's for a week and it was the coolest thing ever. Plus I got to drive it!
Yes, these are pictures of pictures. Chris and his partner lived on a narrowboat in a canal in London. You can read more about narrowboats here. Chris' boat was moored in Northolt, I think, on the Grand Union Canal. One day we drove it into Central London (if I recall correctly). It was really fun! This was a trip I took in March 2005. Dave and I also got to stay on Chris' boat for a night when we went to Europe in the summer of July 2007.


  1. Ummmm Rachel's logic is consistently flawless and I LOVE it. This was so fun!!!

  2. Oh this is so FUN! I love it!!! I am going to have to do this when my kids are a little bigger!!! Happy Summer!

  3. Your kids' answers cracked me UP! And the houseboat!! I didn't know you'd done that!

  4. I would insist on chocolate ice cream. :)

  5. This is awesome! Thanks for the inspiration for some dinner table conversation this summer!

  6. This is delightful! I love your kids' answers. I LOL'ed at the popsicle/watermelon one because I don't care for watermelon much but really love popsicles, so it's amazing to me that anyone would pick watermelon over popsicles.


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