Monday, June 17, 2019

Rachel is EIGHT!!!

Dear Rachel --

Today you are eight. You are kind, independent, creative, stubborn, and loving. A friend from church gave you a bookmark for Christmas which said, "Though she be but little she is fierce" and it sums you up perfectly.

One of my favourite things about you is how much you care for other people and always try to find ways to help. Our neighbour across the street, who lives on her own, said she would watch Bluey (your fish) on our upcoming vacation. That evening you saw her doing yard work and asked if you could help her. You carried dirt with her for half an hour. I asked you later why you wanted to do yard work with her and you replied, "She's helping me by watching Bluey so I thought I'd help her." You inspire me with your kindness.

You also love your big brother Sam beyond all words. You two have the best sibling relationship and it is such a joy to have a front row view of that friendship.

I hope you have the best year filled with lots of things you love. Happy EIGHTH birthday Rachel!


PS. Here are some of my favourite pictures of you from this past year.

July 2018 -- Slip 'N Slide in our backyard

August 2018 -- You love colouring.
And arranging markers in ROY G BIV order!  

September 2018 -- You discovered a love of cooking this year.
Here, you are kneading dough for pizza. 

October 2018 -- You also discovered a love for moose this year!

November 2018 -- Snow in the back yard

December 2018 -- With Leonie, your special Maplelea doll
(Maplelea dolls are similar to American Girls but Canadian.) 

January 2019 -- Frozen on Broadway!

February 2019 -- You put a lot of determination into learning to skate.
And it paid off! 

March 2019 -- Making Rainbow Grilled Cheese from your Chickadee magazine.

April 2019 -- You LOVED dance this year and made some great friends.

May 2019 -- You've discovered a love for yard work this spring.
This makes me so happy!!! 

June 2019 -- Just you!


  1. Happy birthday, Rachel! What a fun year you've had - and I LOVE IT that you arrange your markers in color order. :)

  2. Happy birthday, Rachel!! Hope it's a day as lovely as you!

  3. Happy birthday! She seems like such a sweet girl!!

  4. Hope Rachael had a very happy birthday!!!


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