Tuesday, June 06, 2017

The Weekend What A Lot We Got Done

For a few weeks now, Dave and I had been looking forward to this past weekend, which had no scheduled plans, as a time to get some things done. And did we manage to do all okay, a lot of the things! So let me share with you.

As you may remember (but probably not!) from my June goals post last week (see it here), one of the things I wanted to do was "Weed and plant the front bed." So Saturday morning that was first on my list.
We also worked on "Get all the dandelions out of our yard and MOW THE LAWN," at least in the front yard. The kids did a fairly good job of picking dandelions and not getting too distracted. Except for a few times! Ha!
While they picked dandelions, I also managed to get a couple of our other front yard beds looking much happier.
And then I mowed the lawn. And when all was said and done, our front yard now looks like this:
I am MUCH happier with this and have walked outside maybe a hundred fifteen times in the past few days just to admire it. Ha! Now to tackle the back yard...

Since Dave still has a bad back, he made waffles for when we hosted his parents and niece for brunch, then he cleaned up and made two salads for our supper that night. Yum! And I have to say, it was a treat to get out of the kitchen for awhile :) (Due to Dave's work schedule, I end up doing most of the cooking, so it's nice to have a break.)
Sunday was supposed to be rainy all day (they lied), so we'd planned on an indoor day. I made a list (it had 23 things to do on it), I made myself some coffee-hot chocolate (with extra whipped cream leftover from waffles), and I got to work.
Sadly, getting things done around the house is not very picture worthy, unless you count this picture of Rachel attempting to try on a shirt. We determined it was too small! Hahahaha!!!
But by the end of the day, Sam and Rachel's clothes changeover (another June goal) was mostly completed, buns were baked, supper was made, and we ended the evening with a walk to Starbucks. As we were dropping off some of the books from my TBR pile (yay June goals!) at the little library, I noticed this interesting book:
Front Cover
image from here

If you read the description, you will see why I (may have) shrieked with glee, and grabbed this book for my TBR in Kenya pile. And best of all, I can leave it behind :)

One of Dave's goals for this weekend was that the kids not feel too rushed and that they just had time to do what they wanted. Since Sam compiled a five page fantasy baseball team (with both current and historical players), I would say that that goal was also achieved!
It was a really good weekend. I felt like it had a good mix of getting things done and not feeling too rushed or crazy. I just wish every weekend was this great :)

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  1. We were similarly excited by this past weekend--the only one in June where we don't have plans! But, unlike you guys, we got NOTHING done. I'm still recovering from the guilt--ha!


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