Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I Could Get Used To This

The main reason we are in Kenya is to visit our dear friends who moved here three years ago. It has been so great to reconnect with them. Rachel loves and adores Ella, and the two of them are so sweet together. Ella made Rachel hot chocolate on Sunday morning which is the way to Rachel's heart. Ha!
We landed on Kurt and Carla's doorstep as they were moving so we all moved to their friends' house near Lake Naivasha. There was so much luggage some had to ride on top. Rachel was a little (a lot!) skeptical.
I grew up on a tree nursery so I have inherited the "must take pictures of nurseries and plants everywhere you go" gene. Dad, and any other nursery relative who is reading this, this is what a Kenyan nursery looks like. The plants are in plastic bags and set up on the side of the road. This was taken from the car as we headed to Naivasha.
And then we entered the Great Rift Valley which goes from Lebanon down through to Mozambique. It is pretty amazing.
What was also amazing were these views of Lake Naivasha (left) and Mount Longonot (right). The Thursday plan is to hike up Mount Longonot so wish us luck. Yikes.
As we were driving down the road to the house where we are staying, we saw our first zebra herd. Amazing.
Yesterday (Monday), we headed down to the river on the property where we are staying. We had to wait a bit before going in as we had to make sure there were no hippos around. And by "we" I mean "Kurt and Carla" because Dave and I don't know a thing about how to suss out the hippo situation. Ha!
Rachel and Sam had a blast, once Rachel was convinced of the fact that the water wouldn't go past her waist.
After being at the river for about an hour, we headed back, ate lunch, and then completely relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. The kids played...
...and played.
And I read a book (Seven Days in May by Kim Izzo) and drank a Coke on the back porch.
And it was glorious.

*You can read about Day 4 here.


  1. A HERD OF ZEBRA!??! That is just amazing!!! I mean, I get excited when I see the cows in the fields by our house...I would just lose it if I saw a herd of zebra. Glad you got help figuring out that hippo situation- I also feel a little unprepared to make a call there!!! :)

  2. So gorgeous!!! And makes me a little sad I never strayed far from

  3. Some amazing views! Rachel and her friend look like grown-up ladies having their hot chocolate.


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