Friday, June 02, 2017

June Goals

I really like when people write "list-y" posts, like books they've read, "currently" posts, Day In The Life posts, and posts about their goals. So here's my list of June goals. Maybe if I announce them to the internet, they'll actually get done! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

1) Drink more water. I've been trying to cut down on the coffee-hot chocolate and, with summer coming, now is a good time to drink more water. (Since I'm writing this in such a timely manner (as usual), I will update that I did manage to drink two whole bottles of water yesterday which is equal to about six cups.)
2) Make serious progress on my To Be Read pile. Now, to be clear, I always have two (or more) piles of books going. The first pile is my library pile. These books have deadlines so it tends to change more often than my other pile.

The second pile (the one I'm referring to here) is the pile of books which aren't library books. They are either borrowed from someone, or have been given to me. Since there is no deadline to read these books, this pile just tends to grow. For example, Janice gave me a book quite a few years ago about parenting kids ages 2-6. Since Rachel will turn six in a few weeks, both my kids have basically outgrown that book. And I still haven't read it.
3) Finish the kitchen art (see example here). It's been sitting in our living room for a few weeks now waiting for a sunny day. I need to spray mount the tea cups on the canvas and I want to do it outside. With the amount of rain we've been having, sunny days have been few and far between. But they do exist, so I need to catch one of them.
4) Find some good thick books to read in Kenya. I don't have an e-reader so I will be taking physical books with me. Therefore, I can't take a million so I have to find some that will keep me occupied for awhile. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that I tend to read 3-5 books a week so I really need some good long reading material. Give me suggestions please!!!
This is the start of my Kenya reading pile.
5) Get all the dandelions out of our yard and MOW THE LAWN. We have a push mower (like this one) and it doesn't mow over dandelions well. So we need to pick them all off and then mow. And it's getting to be desperate times around here.
Now to be fair, the kids and I spent about half an hour on the front yard the other night and made some serious progress, so I do have some hope that this will get finished eventually.
6) Find a house/yard sitter. We're heading out of here and someone needs to get the mail and mow the lawn. Yeeks.

7) Weed and plant the front bed. Yeah, all that rain has been good for the growing things but makes it tough to get the growing things planted. I've had impatiens for this bed for about four weeks now and I really want to plant them. And I've been keeping three shamrocks (mostly) alive inside since before St Patrick's Day and I want to get them outside.
8) Celebrate Rachel's birthday, three baptisms (thankfully all on the same day in the same service), Father's Day, and the last day of school. Yerghks :()

9) Clear old pictures off of the iPad to make room for new ones. Remember this post? I'm sure I'll have another one once I go through the 3000 pictures currently on there.

10) Go through the kids' clothes and fully complete the size/season switch over. Rachel's is mostly done, due to the fact that she has less drawer space but Sam, with his abundance of drawers, might still have size 5 shorts hanging around. And he's in size 7 or 8 so it's definitely time to do some clearing out. For a funny story about "Sam doing clothes" when he was about two, read the last paragraph of this post!

11) Try not to go insane. We'll see if I manage to blog and let you know if I'm accomplishing this goal :)

Those are my June goals. What are yours?


  1. My only goal for June is to help Nina enjoy her fourth birthday while not wearing out my pregnant self--ha!

    For the water, it helps me to squirt plenty of lemon and lime juice in. Good luck!

    Also, I was curious--you mentioned you had an iPad. Have you ever used the Kindle app? Amazon also has the Kindle Unlimited where you can check out books. It's been super helpful when traveling!

  2. I also love "list-y" style posts. If everything I read could be in bullet or numbered format, that would be awesome. I'm with you that I'm much better at reading books with a deadline! I once told Adam I desperately wanted to read a book and he responded: "why don't you just buy it?" And I was flabbergasted at the suggestion haha.

  3. Three to five books a week is a lot. I'm about one every two weeks...and I still drift away from them all together sometimes....
    Good luck with all your goals!


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