Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Weekend What (On A Wednesday)

This past weekend was a full, but fun, one. It started off with heading to the theatre to watch Miss Rachel dance her heart out as a gem in Alaadin's cave. She was a little unsure about her fans (Dave's parents were also there), but eventually she warmed up :)
Saturday morning Dave took the kids to synagogue and I took a few hours to putter around the house. I love mornings to myself where I just get to do whatever I want to. I tidied, I cleaned a few rooms, I admired Rachel's family tree (each leaf has a different family member's name on it)...
... I finished a book, and I rearranged my birthday flowers.
On Saturday afternoon we did some yard work and Dave cleaned our bedroom. Then we did an errand and got ice cream. Yum!
I volunteered at the dance performance on Saturday night. I was a "runner" which means I got to lead kids from their waiting rooms to the stage. It was pretty fun to run around backstage, and you would never guess from being in the audience all the hustle and bustle of getting hundreds of kids on and off the stage.
On Sunday we went to church, ate pizza, watched the Blue Jays, mowed the lawn, and Dave made a couple of great salads and BBQ for supper. Then both kids wanted tea so this is the only picture we got of me and the kids on Mother's Day but it's a pretty good one :)

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you already know the day ended with a bang with Rachel and Dave coming down with food poisoning. Rachel threw up six times between 10pm and 3am and Dave got nauseous around 10:30pm so he was down for the count.

In between cleaning up after Rachel, I reminded myself that some people (including me when I was in my thirties and single) pray hourly to be a parent and that means in both sickness and health. So I feel like the weekend didn't end the way I wanted it to, but I did get through it with a little perspective, so overall I'm counting this weekend as a win!


  1. You spend your alone time just like I do: a little cleaning, a little tidying, a little book... all the best :)

  2. Rachel looked beautiful! (I'm sorry about the food poisoning follow up.)


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