Thursday, May 18, 2017

#tbt: Che-Cheemaun Ferry

Today is the final post wrapping up last summer's road trip. And I thought blogging about our road trip would get me back into blogging. Ha! At least I've managed to get back into blogging, and I have now blogged about our entire trip, so I guess you could say I've succeeded. (As long as you have a (very) broad definition of "success.")
At the end of our very long road trip, we decided to take a break and instead of driving around Georgian Bay (7 hours and 46 minutes), we drove across Manotoulin Island and took the Che-Cheemaun Ferry across Georgian Bay. Taking the ferry took two and a half hours and the views were gorgeous.
We were soooo happy to be out of the car, even if it was a little windy.
I think Rachel took these pictures! The kids hijacked the camera and we ended up with A LOT of... interesting... pictures!
The ferry was so pretty. And did I mention it was windy?!?!?!
We bought the kids captains hats as souvenirs and they LOVED them. We also had a little snack.
I loved seeing this little island with a lighthouse. I would love to spend part of a summer here. It was so isolated.
There's just something about being on the water that I love. And I think one of the kids (Sam?) took this picture of the gull winging over the water. Taking the ferry was such a fun experience and a good end to our long road trip.

And that's the end of my Summer Vacation 2016 Throwback Thursdays. Thanks for reading along. My next few #tbt posts will be about a few things that happened in April so they're much more recent :)

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