Monday, May 22, 2017

Kenya Believe It?!?!?

It's a stat holiday here in Canada and I normally wouldn't blog but it is also ONE MONTH until we are leaving on our summer vacation and I wanted to share.

When we moved from Edmonton to KW five years ago, we already knew a lot of people, but a new family we met fairly early on was Kurt and Carla and their three kids, Ben, Aaron, and Ella. Carla was also a stay at home mom and Aaron is a year older than Sam and Ella is right between Sam and Rachel. We spent a lot of time together.
Carla and I traded childcare. We drank tea together and talked while our kids played and played.
We went to the same church so the kids saw each other in Sunday School and on Logos nights and at our Monday morning playgroup.
We even discovered a little bit of Ontario together at Thomas' Day Out and with a trip to the beach!
And one year we celebrated Christmas together when both of us were here without extended family visiting.
We were so excited for them, and so sad for us, when they announced they were moving to Kenya, permanently. Both Kurt and Carla grew up there, and had spent a lot of time there since, so it made sense. But we were sorry to lose some really close friends. However, I promised, "We'll come visit you someday!" And ever since then, it's been on my bucket list.

And I'm so excited to share that "someday" is this summer!!! That's right, we're going to Kenya for two weeks and we leave in a month!!! We're looking forward to some fun, unique adventures. We want to go on safari and spend some time at the coast. But most of all we're looking forward to catching up with these really good friends and getting to spend lots of time with them.


  1. Oh my GOSH!!!! What an awesome opportunity!!! You guys are going to have a blast!!

  2. That's awesome! Can't wait to hear about it and see pics!!

  3. I'm so jealous!!!! I miss Kenya. I would say that my favorite thing (besides the mini day safari we took in the national park) was the Elephant Orphanage. I know it's on the outskirts of Nairobi but otherwise don't know any location details. It's super touristy but it was just so cute to see the baby elephants.

  4. Oh my goodness--that's amazing! You guys are such adventurous travelers! And what a blessing to have such close friends. :D


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