Thursday, May 04, 2017

A Year of Excitement and Adventure

Dave here, with my annual birthday blog take-over. It seems that, if you write enough of these posts, you will end up repeating yourself, but I am forging ahead anyway. We've had a few days of flaky internet access, and this post is already a few days late. Without further ado, I'm sharing some birthday wishes for the year ahead -- through photos from this past year -- and a bit of sneak preview of some exciting plans on our family's horizon.

First, a few tried-and-true wishes:
Flowers, and plenty of time in the garden
Long walks with the kids
Fun family experiences
Many mugs of tea, and perhaps a chance to expand the mug collection

Next, some more specific wishes:
Read-a-thons, with ever-increasing family participation
Travels to far-off places (some even further than NYC!)
Chances to cheer on the Blue Jays, and other baseball experiences
(these photos are from a tour of the Rogers Centre, which you'll read about soon!)
And last, but not least, time to sit outside with a Coke and a good book

Happy birthday, Natasha! Here's hoping your next year brings you plenty of wonderful moments and exciting experiences. 

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