Wednesday, March 18, 2015

From Subterranean Depths To Skyline Heights (And Recreating Past Photos)

Friday was our first full day of being tourists without having to travel. We spent the morning browsing at the Bookfair. It's a warehouse bookstore and I found some really excellent books when I first visited it twelve years ago. However this time I didn't find as many treasures. Dave did though :) And Janice and I did recreate an earlier photo.
Left: March 2015; Right: August 2003

After a really good lunch at the Mexican restaurant, El Charro, we stopped for a photo at a turkey statue. Rockingham Country, which surrounds Harrisonburg, is known as the Turkey Capital! And yes, Sam was stubbornly refusing to leave to car to join the rest of us,
Then we headed off to the main destination of the day, Luray Caverns. I took over a hundred pictures, most of them without the flash, and I was so happy with how they turned out. I've tried not to share all of them here :)
Pictured on the right is a stalacpipe organ. It works by hammering against the rocks. It was really pretty to hear.

We drove back to Harrisonburg via Skyline Drive, which is located along the Blue Ridge Mountains. We saw eight deer and countless incredible views.

We ended the day by replicating some historical pictures of Willem and Sam since they were, once again, wearing matching pajamas. Here they are in Vienna in 2010 (Sam aged 14 months, Willem aged 5) and now. You would think that being five years older, Sam would be better at posing, but I guess not.
And that was the end of our first full (non-traveling) day of our trip.

*You can read about Day 3 here.


  1. Wow, those caves are awesome!! I've never seen anything like that (in person)!!

  2. The caverns are so pretty! We have some within about a 4 or so hour drive from our house. I think we are going to have to plan a trip soon. This post makes me really want to go.

  3. You guys always find the coolest things to see on your travels. I have really been racking my brain trying to come up with neat things to see and do here in Raleigh, but I am afraid I am going to fail miser ably.

  4. Caves freak me out, so I'm glad that was you and not me!!! But oh my goodness. I am such a sucker for deer and jealous that you got to see so many in one spot! LOVE that!!


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