Friday, February 20, 2015

Island Explorers

Yesterday we went on a little field trip to Isla Ixtapa (Ixtapa Island). We took a bus (which was an old school bus and the entire interior was purple -- the seats, the roof, the curtains -- it was quite the sight!). Then we had to get past the crocodiles. Yerghks :()
We waited in line for a water taxi to the island. I was amazed and awed by what salt water does to a metal railing. It was beautiful and dangerous at the same time.
A view of Isla Ixtapa from the water taxi.
We spent some time on one side of the island, where the beach was quite rocky but we could stand in the water and watch all sorts of fish swimming around. We didn't take pictures, since we don't have an underwater camera, but Dave said he wished he had a picture of my face when an entire school of fish swam by me, about two feet away. It was surreal.
The kids were hungry so we had some quesadillas on the beach. Then we had to get pictures in the ocean. This was on the side of the island where the water was calmer, the beach was nicer, and we did some swimming.
Then we caught a water taxi back to the mainland.
A view of mainland Mexico from the water.
Of course, I had to take a picture of my beloved Saskatchewan Roughrider gear -- Mexican style. I was so tempted to buy this. As my dad said, they know their audience!
We had to get past the crocodiles to get back to our bus. This one was HUGE!
Rachel wasn't so sure about the bus on the way home, because it wasn't purple! Ha ha ha!
And before we began the walk from the bus stop to our house, we fortified ourselves with some really delicious gelato.
Most days we just hang around in the backyard, reading under the shade of the palapas and swimming in the pool, and after the excitement of yesterday's adventures, I'm more than ready to relax again. After all, there aren't any fish or crocodiles in our backyard!

*You can read the next post about this trip here.


  1. Sounds so wonderful!!! I'm so glad you all are enjoying this wonderful trip.

  2. What a fun excursion! Let's remember to add getting a waterproof camera for our future Cancun trip, k? Eddie and I still regret not taking one snorkeling in Hawaii. :-)

  3. This is beautiful! I'm so glad you're posting during your trip!


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