Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Be Still My Heart

Today I am registering this kid...
...this crazy, wonderful, intense, happy kid,
for Junior Kindergarten.
(Which is full day, every day, here.)
She doesn't start until September but it feels a little bit like
the beginning of the end.

This is the post I had ready for yesterday but the snow day, and school being closed, changed the plan.


  1. When did our babies get sooooo big??? We are keeping Karsyn at our current preschool, but she could go to full day too. It's crazy, isn't it?

  2. You are going to make me cry! I am getting sentimental about Brody growing up on me too lately. Evan was just talking to me today about Brody being in 4 year preschool next year. It seems like just yesterday Evan was that age and now it's Brody. Sigh. Yep, our babies just won't stay babies for us!

  3. I'm one of the few people who think that time doesn't go by fast enough...however, with Lance is school for a full day now (six hours)...I do miss him! :)

  4. It goes SO fast! Miss Rachel is such a pretty girl!


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