Monday, February 16, 2015

If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words...

...then this post is the equivalent of a novel!
Rachel to the pilots: Do you know where you're going?
Sam on the beach
Flower in the backyard
Decorated bar in the palapa
My view from the hammock -- Dave and the kids playing in the pool. 
A bright and colourful Mexican house
An egg taco and grapefruit for breakfast
Pretty flowers on the street
Me at the ocean at sunset

*I didn't blog every day of this trip because it was a lot of relaxing at the place my parents had rented. You can read my next post here.


  1. Looks amazing! I'm pretty sure that we need to be there with you. =)

  2. So so so jealous! This just looks so wonderful. I would really be loving the food for sure! And as I commented on Facebook, this is how beach pictures should look...dressed in shorts, tanks, and swimsuits and not all bundled up in coats like last year's experience was for you. I am glad you are getting this opportunity to escape the cold and frozen north! I wished a little too hard for snow, I think, and we may be about to get an ice storm. Sigh.

  3. OH SO JEALOUS! You'll be happy to know that you missed a record breaking -34 here today... and that doesn't include the wind chill!

    1. I had enough of super cold days growing up in Saskatchewan so I definitely wasn't sad to be missing the record breaking cold here!


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