Thursday, March 02, 2023

One Sentence A Day: February 2023

Going into February this year, I had a bad attitude. I wasn't looking forward to anything, February might be the shortest month but it's still a while until spring for us, and I was just generally grumpy. So towards the end of the first week of February, I decided to document One Sentence A Day, which I haven't done for quite awhile, but I wanted to focus on all the good which I knew February would hold. So onward with One Sentence A Day, the gratitude edition.

1 - Wednesday -- After a few busy evenings, I enjoyed an evening at home to catch up on blogging and not having to go anywhere.

2 - Thursday -- Our midweek church program, which I love, was back to normal after many years of Covid restrictions and variations and it was AMAZING!!!

3 - Friday -- Although it was super cold out in the morning (-28C/-18F with wind chill), my principal brought me a coffee-hot chocolate to start the day.

4 - Saturday -- I really appreciated that each kid baked a batch of cookies and that I only had to give minimal input! Whooo hooo!!!

5 - Sunday -- Dave and I had a free afternoon, while the kids had play dates, and we enjoyed a 10 kilometre (6.2 mile) forest walk.

6 - Monday -- I'm so thankful Dave brought me a Coke at work (a big treat) and I had a great night of sleep after only sleeping for two hours the night before.

7 - Tuesday -- I learned something new at work and got to make Rachel's day (week! month!) with news of a dream coming true for her! (I'll be able to share more about this one in March!)

8 - Wednesday -- Dave and I made the time to (finally!) change all our sheets and clean bedding is THE BEST!!!

9 - Thursday -- I'm thankful for a co-worker who texts me supportive Bible verses and can relate to some of the hard things we see at work.

10 - Friday -- I had a massage after work and then spent the rest of the evening in bed reading.

11 - Saturday -- The sun was shining and I got a lot done around the house.

12 - Sunday -- I was so glad to hear my friend preach in church this morning. (It was her first time being at church in person since March 2020.)

13 - Monday -- I am thankful for paid sick days and for feeling better enough (later in the day) to do some laundry.

14 - Tuesday -- I was quite sick this day but enjoyed some really good orange juice, thanks to Dave's trip to the grocery store.

15 - Wednesday -- I spent a lot of time in my cozy bed this day and we were able to open the window for the first time this season!!!

16 - Thursday -- I felt well enough to read a good book.

17 - Friday -- I was so happy to be back at work, after a few days of being sick.

18 - Saturday -- I enjoyed a long text conversation with my friend in Kenya this day. I miss her so much.

19 - Sunday -- Rachel and I had a really delicious Afternoon Tea.

20 - Monday -- We got a lot of our house cleaned this day and a clean house just fills me with so much joy!

21 - Tuesday -- We had no plans in the evening and it was glorious.

22 - Wednesday -- I made challah this day and freshly baked challah smells so good!

23 - Thursday -- SNOW DAY!!! I'm thankful for a day of baking and a family who can all contribute to shovelling.

24 - Friday -- We had staff treats at work and they made my Friday great!

25 - Saturday -- Sam and I enjoyed our appetizers and outing to a sports bar.

26 - Sunday -- Both kids had unexpected, last minute activities this afternoon and, after years of Covid restrictions/cancellations, it felt so good to help make these times with friends happen.

27 - Monday -- My coworker gave me the ingredients for a new cocktail for Christmas, I made two of them this day, and they were delicious!!! (More sentences: I don't know why it took me over two months to make this recipe as she gave me all the ingredients and everything. It was a St Germain Spritz for those of you who are curious.)

28 - Tuesday -- I had a GREAT conversation with Janice about some March Break plans and I am even more excited about our vacation now!!!

So I knew that February would hold good things, even though I wasn't very excited about the month at the start. I really appreciated that, when I focused on gratitude, I found so many good things about each day -- even the hard ones.

I'm not going to write a regular Sentence A Day post, but I'm really glad I focused on this practice for February.


  1. Sounds like a pretty good month. I remember back when the kids were little, when there was a night of no sports or other obligations were the best!!

  2. Is that a coffee flavored hot chocolate? If so that sounds wonderful! February can be such a dreary month. Glad it was good for you. Now let's bring on Spring!

  3. So funny that I've been cleaning ALL the sheets in this house this week and was just thinking it's a great feeling. Especially when I just finished cleaning the whole house too.

  4. I love this! What a great idea to document all the things you are grateful for. I know that our winters are no where near as cold as yours. But I still get down towards the end when I've had enough of the cold and I just can't wait for spring. What am I saying! I start to get sad as soon as we hit autumn!! 😂

  5. What a great idea - to think of 1 thing to be grateful for each day. I did this while going through postpartum and each day felt like such a battle. I would try to come up with 3 things each day and some days were really tough!


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