Monday, January 24, 2022

I Spy 2022: Week 2 (Week 54)

It's been a messed up couple of weeks around here so blogging has not been a priority. Thus, I am posting my (very belated) I Spy Week 2 today (which I should have posted on Saturday, January 15th) and Week 3 (which I should have posted this past Saturday) tomorrow (I hope!). Besides my lung stuff, nothing bad has happened -- there's just been a lot going on -- Dave's 40th birthday, which was also a snow day, my parents arrived to be our neighbours for a couple of months (YAY!!!), Rachel had dental surgery and the same day Sam got sent home for half a day because the power went out at his school. Did I mention there's been a lot going on?!?!?!

Anyways, as always, I'm linking up with Lysha at A Camera and A Cookbook for the I Spy challenge.

Let's Play iSpy 2022 

 {Selfie (Quarterly shot)}

I have this idea that I will take each of my "selfies" in the same position. Thus, you will not only see how I change but also how the tree in our front yard changes. I don't love the angle of this shot but it was very cold out so I was trying to get the picture quickly.

{Outfit (Quarterly shot)}

Given the uniqueness of how Week 2 of 2022 went for me, the hospital gown on the left is the more common "outfit" I wore that week, along with pajamas. However, I also decided to include the outfit I wore on my first day back to work after I got off bed rest -- my favourite sweater and grey pants. I don't have a full length mirror with great lighting so I might have to get someone to take my outfit pictures from now on...

{Starts with 'Z'}

I was really stuck on what to take for this picture. I asked Dave and Rachel, "What can I take a picture for it "starts with 'z'"?" and Rachel immediately responded, "zeeee flowerrrrrs." Dave and I lost it laughing. I absolutely would have taken a picture of "zeeee flowerrrrs" but I don't know how many flower pictures I can post in one "I Spy" blog post :) Then Rachel suggested her zebra which we bought her in Kenya. I took a picture of him on my zigzag patterned chair and well, there's a lot which "starts with 'z'" in this photo!


My mom bought a bouquet of alstromeria and it made us laugh because not only was there an orange one in "between" all the pink ones but it also grew faster than the others so it stuck up higher too!

{Your Choice}


While being on bed rest definitely wasn't "my choice," the beautiful flowers my friends brought me, along with supper, made it so much better!

So this is what Week 2 looked like for me. Now I need to go take pictures for Week 3! See you back here tomorrow (hopefully!) for those.


  1. Hope you are feeling better Natasha! Yeah the first tulip shot of the year- always look forward to those and LOVE the idea of the quarterly selfie in front of the tree in your yard- look forward to watching the seasons :)

  2. I hope you are feeling ok now!!!
    The flowers are gorgeous.

  3. I love Rachel's answer. What a cute zebra! Beautiful flowers. I think you're like me, January has been the longest year ever!

  4. I hope you are feeling much better!

  5. SO glad you had such lovely family and friends while you were laid up; hope you are feeling better now. Zebra is the best! CarolG

  6. So glad you are feeling better! Zee flowers are just beautiful! LOL.

  7. I love the Kenyan zebra! Always mad that I didn't buy more while I was over there.


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