Tuesday, June 01, 2021

One Sentence A Day: May 2021

Oh May. You started out with us in lockdown, the kids doing online learning, and me working from a school for a week. You ended with us still in lockdown (although with significantly more hope on the horizon), the kids still doing online learning, and me having worked at the same school all month. As always, I'm linking up with Rebecca Jo and other bloggers for my Sentence A Day post.

1 - Saturday -- I started my birthday weekend out grumpy but then we made a plan, did some yard work, and went for a long walk, and the day improved significantly.

2- Sunday -- Happy Birthday to me!!!

3 - Monday -- It was a busy day at work followed by an early bedtime for everyone.

4 - Tuesday -- Sam made his famous curried shrimp soup for supper and we got out for a short family walk.

5 - Wednesday -- We celebrated Cinco De Mayo in style and got a good walk in to the library and liquor store.

6 - Thursday -- Dave and I got some closets cleaned out and we had our first food truck supper of the season.

7 - Friday -- We drove out to Dave's parents to drop off some Mother's Day flowers and enjoyed a very short (outdoor) visit.

8 - Saturday -- This was such a fun day full of yummy food, a good walk, and some fun exploring in our city.

9 - Sunday -- It was a fairly good Mother's Day but the highlight was attempting my first ever focaccia bread art!

10 - Monday -- We went for a last-minute evening walk and found trillium (our provincial flower) in the wild!!!

11 - Tuesday -- It was a busy day at work, preparing Introduction to Kindergarten packages.

12 - Wednesday -- Covid restrictions/lockdown are getting to all of us, and there was a lot of yelling and screaming and anger this day which made it really hard.

On the plus side, the kids and I had fun making shaving cream rain clouds on the driveway.

13 - Thursday -- I took the car to the shop after work (for the first time in ages) and we enjoyed another spot on our city's Taco Trail.

14 - Friday -- I enjoyed making a dandelion crown for Rachel.

15 - Saturday -- We did some yard work, I got three loads of laundry hung out, and we watched the Jays game in the evening -- it was a good day!

16 - Sunday -- We cleaned out the car, and insisted that the whole family come along for the car wash, which was surprisingly fun.

17 - Monday -- I started a good book and that was the highlight of this Monday.

18 - Tuesday -- Rachel baked a cake for friends of ours and we enjoyed an after-school/work play date which was lovely.

19 - Wednesday -- We had a really good supper of lentil and lettuce wraps and I got to dive into a new area of learning at work.

20 - Thursday -- A retired couple at our church provided supper for families again and it was such a treat to not have to cook!

21 - Friday -- Dave and the kids had the day off and brought me lunch at work.

AND Dave got his first shot of the Covid vaccine!!!

22 - Saturday -- We had a low key day around the house and I read a whole book.

23 - Sunday -- We had a fun afternoon in Uptown except for the fact that I got sunburned :(

Dave and I shared this lobster roll sandwich and poutine (fries with gravy and cheese curds) from a food truck for lunch! Yum!!!

24 - Monday -- We picked a bunch of dandelions out of our yard, I did some laundry, and we had a quick visit with our friend who has just moved back from the Yukon.

25 - Tuesday -- I LOVE my Blog Friends' Book Club!

26 - Wednesday -- I took flowers to my friend for her birthday and went to bed early.

27 - Thursday -- The kids and I picked all the old dandelions from the front lawn and then I collapsed for the rest of the night.

28 - Friday -- Sam got vaccinated this day which was very exciting!!!

29 - Saturday -- We enjoyed a 5km walk/scavenger hunt which we did unexpectedly with friends. (Second sentence: We randomly pulled into the parking lot at the same time as them so did the scavenger hunt together while all wearing masks.)

30 - Sunday -- We did a lot of yard work, a lot of distanced visiting, and a lot of laundry this day!

31 - Monday -- After work/school ended, we were all outside for almost two hours doing more yard work (hahaha!) and eating supper.


  1. My hubby would be so jealous of that Grilled Cheese truck...and my mouth is watering at the ice cream!

  2. Even when locked down you had a great month!

  3. Oh that bread art! So pretty, I bet it tasted good too!
    Great to see so many people getting vaccinated, I think it's the only thing that is going to get us back to some kind of normality.

  4. That bread art is sooo cool. I want to make that. And all that yummy food. We have a grilled cheese truck here and I haven't been in forever. Sounds like a good month even with being in lockdown.

  5. Birthday month! Yahooo!!!
    Hey - you all deserve to have COVID frustration as long as you've been on lock downs... but yahooooooo for the vaccines!!! So exciting

  6. Even with a lockdown that sounds like a fun month! The food all looks so good and how sweet that the couple at church keeps making meals for all the families!

  7. Happy Birthday! I like that food art, never thought about doing something like that. We make necklaces out of clover blooms, I'll have to try it with dandelions. All the food pictures look delicious. Karen

  8. I'm still over here wanting an ice cream taco! Hope you had a great birthday, all things considered.

  9. All in all looks like May was a pretty fair month at your house. Love the food pictures...I must be hungry. We were just saying we need to visit our local food trucks again soon. But I bet we wouldn't find a lobster roll or poutine. Both look delicious.
    Your children have grown so much since I first 'met' you. Rachel is lovely in the photo with the yellow blossoms. Yay for good books!!

  10. Looks like it was a wonderful birthday month:) Here's to the fun continuning in June.....


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