Tuesday, June 15, 2021

10 On The 10th: June 2021

Last year on June 10th, I was struggling with severe daily headaches so didn't post anything. This year, it was a more regular day -- yay! Warning: This post will contain a lot of pictures of our yard :)

Rachel is almost always the first one awake after me. This morning she was doing puzzles and crafting in the playroom. This is a preview of summer mornings with no plans.
After this I went to work and I don't like taking pictures at work so then I came home and Dave and Sam had plans in the evening, so Rachel and I spent some time in the front yard.

I really wanted to get some mowing done and weed this front bed.

I was super excited because not only did I get the bed weeded but I also got my impatiens planted! Whooo hooo! Rachel helped with watering.

She also tried her hand at mowing. We have a reel mower so it takes some effort to push.

I was trying to get a "before" picture of this overgrown bed and Rachel wanted to photo bomb it. I haven't gotten around to weeding this bed yet. Maybe this weekend...

I just breathe easier when the yard is cleaned up.

My Starburst petunias are putting on a show!

I am almost done edging the day lily bed, despite the construction mess in the background. Thankfully on weekends I hang laundry out and it hides the mess, somewhat.

Speaking of "putting on a show," the rosebush is amazing this year. My mom and dad will look at this picture and think about how I need to start staking it! Hahaha!!!

A closeup of the roses.
I seriously think our yard shines brightest in June! I just LOVE hanging out in our backyard and enjoying all the flowers in bloom.


  1. Yay for happy petunias!
    Is the construction stuff in your yard? It looks really close.

  2. The petunias and roses are beautiful!!

  3. You have such a gorgeous yard. Do you judge other yards that are not well cared for? Because we regularly look like the house in foreclosure. Adam likes to mow but neither of us like to garden and thus the beds (all planted by previous owners) constantly look like an abandoned house lol. I'll have to hire my sister to weed before you ever come visit.

  4. Our roses were so huge and plentiful this year too; more than I ever remember them being before. I wish I enjoyed spending time in the garden.. it's time for weeding #2 of the season and I keep putting it off.

  5. Your flowers are gorgeous! And I love the idea of a reel mower!

  6. Everything looks so green and beautiful in your yard- love it- great job! :)

  7. Beautiful lipstick-colored roses. Wow!! And your whole yard is like a park. So green and lush. We are so hot and dry here. But we almost always have rain on the 4th. Fingers crossed.

  8. Happy Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! Love all of the pics!


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