Saturday, June 12, 2021

I Spy: Week 23

I can't believe we are almost halfway through the year and this is the 23rd week in a row that I've linked up with Lysha at at A Camera and A Cookbook for her I Spy Photo Challenge. We are a small but committed group of bloggers, and I can't speak for myself, but I love what other bloggers spy throughout the week as they are such great photographers.

Let's Play iSpy 2021 


I have to get busy turning the page on my latest haul of library books!



We've been eagerly waiting (and hoping) that our pool will be able to open for awhile now. It was very exciting to get an email on Thursday saying the pool would open for the season on Friday!!! We were there a few hours after it opened, ready to swim. Yay for the summer pool season!!!



I was a little stumped on this prompt, so decided to show your our kitchen "triangle." Supposedly a good kitchen layout has a nice triangle from the stove, sink, and fridge. Notice how in our kitchen that doesn't exist. No wonder we're always bumping into each other.


Supposedly the Sweet William I plant under our tree in the backyard every year are annuals. For the past few years, however, they've been coming back. This year I decided not to uproot any and see what would happen. Well, it's a sea of beautiful pink shades under the tree and I'm so happy with it!

{your choice} 

The local greenhouse I love had posted a type of petunia on their Instgram called "Night Sky." I wanted them. However, they sold out before I could get there so I made do with these "Starburst" petunias instead. I have to admit, I LOVE them! Give me all the variegated shades of flowers!


  1. I guess you're in for a lovely spot of reading, get transported to another place and time! Your family doesn't look like they're too keen to get in that water, I guess it needs to warm up a bit. A lovely sprinkle of photos this week.

  2. "George" is a great read! Love your kitchen - so cozy! Gorgeous flowers, too!

  3. We used to have Sweet William flowers at our old house. They always looked so fancy. :)
    Yay for the pool!

  4. Yay for pool time and the flowers look beautiful!

  5. I like those flowers! Glad the pool opened!

  6. What beautiful flowers! Looks like you have lots of great books waiting and yay for the pool opening up!

  7. Love all the flower pics! The waiting shot is great too.


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