Monday, April 29, 2019

The Never Ending Saga Of Sam's 10th Birthday Celebrations

Okay, so Sam's actual tenth birthday was way back on March 30, but we had his first birthday celebration on March 23 and the last one just finished yesterday! It's been a full month of birthday celebrating!
Sam on his actual 10th birthday!
We kicked off the birthday celebrations by celebrating all the January to March birthdays with Tim, Janice, and family. There are six birthday celebrations from January 17 to March 30 and then the last three are between April 21 and June 17. We planned this well :)
That night we went out for dinner with Dave's parents and they took Rachel home with them for a sleepover because...
 ...the next day, March 24, we took Sam and Willem to see The Lightning Thief musical in Toronto for their birthdays. This was definitely a rock musical aimed at pre-teens so while it wasn't my and Dave's favourite musical ever, the boys loved it!
On Sam's actual birthday, we went to a Blue Jays game with Tim, Janice, Tessa, Willem, and Livia. We try to get to a ball game together every year and this was the day it worked. It was also a bunnyhug (hoodie) giveaway. As I may have mentioned, we all love our bunnyhugs!
All five kids in matching bunnyhugs :) One size fits all (or not!)
All nine of us celebrating Sam's birthday with the Blue Jays. As Dave commented, "That's a lot of Blue Jays sweaters!" The Jays won this day which made the day even better!
The next week I was gone all day Saturday and we decided it would be too busy to host Sam's school friends so we had a casual party with his church friends instead. This is the point where they were all looking at, and discussing the periodic table. I think it had to do with "the best elements." Hahaha!!! After a pizza lunch, and some playing outside, they came in and we had brigadeiros, a Brazilian dessert.
Sam's school friends party was supposed to be on April 14, but he woke up with a fever that day, so we had to postpone it. Yesterday, it finally happened. We invited his friends to meet us at a local arcade bar. Sam invited nine boys. They played arcade games for an hour and then I took all ten boys on the city bus back to our house. It was about a seven minute bus ride and a ten minute walk.
I made an "arcade themed" Pac Man cake! Sam loved it!
For an hour and fifteen minutes, all we saw was the kids' backs as they were totally into the games. They thought we didn't spend enough time there. They all loved it.
Everyone came back for cake and drinks at our house. Then they all barrelled outside for the last part of the party and played tag. The parents came to pick them up and we had our own gathering on the front lawn while the kids took over the back yard. I served left over cupcakes and we all enjoyed the nice weather.

And now Sam is definitively TEN and we will return to our regularly scheduled, non-birthday program. Until Thursday, that is... :)

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  1. How fun! I always love your creativity with desserts!


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