Friday, March 24, 2017

Where I've Been Spending My Money Lately

So it turns out when you don't blog for awhile, you run out of ideas and have to blatantly steal borrow blog topics from your friends. This one came from Amanda. So here's where I've been spending my money lately:

1) Tulips
As happens every winter, we've had fresh tulips in our house almost continuously since January. Since it's still rather cold here, these bring a little taste of spring to our house during the time I need it most. And bonus -- they're cheaper than a warm vacation :)

2) A new book
I am a bad Harry Potter fan because I didn't even realize this book existed until about a month ago. But I made sure I went out and got a copy. Now if only I remembered I owned it and actually made time to, you know, read it.

3) Baseball tickets
These are just a couple of the baseball games we're going to this year. I'm super excited to see the Buffalo Bisons (the Blue Jays' Triple A team) play and we're going as my birthday experience this year. Although honestly, with a name like the "IronPigs" I might just have to cheer for the opposing team :)

And I'm really excited that a group of us who go to a Blue Jays game together every year are going to go experience them in Detroit this summer. I'm excited to visit Comerica Park again and enjoy a little road trip away with good friends. Yay!

4) Our washing machine
This is a less exciting thing to be spending money on, unless you like clean clothes. I don't understand why the dryer, which I could happily live without, is fine but the washing machine broke. Doesn't it understand it's my favourite?!?!? Thankfully, the repair was fairly simple and cheaper than the cost of a new machine. Phew.

5) New shoes
I wanted a pair of shoes for wearing in the spring to run errands or to go pick the kids up from school. These bright red ones fit the bill and they were on sale. Bonus! And the layout of this picture came from my friend, Bekah, who had a similar picture on her Instagram. Thanks Bekah!

6) Our kids
the kids' allowance barns -- 
one each for spend, share (donate), and save

I kind of didn't count on how much money would come from "the Tooth Fairy" and how much having two kids with a weekly allowance would impact our spending. Ha!

Where have you been spending your money lately? If you're willing to share, that is!


  1. This is a great post idea- maybe I'll do it too, haha! I love your commitment to the tulips! I still need to get on board with that. Love the red shoes, too! Very fun!!

  2. What's the going rate per tooth? I'm very jealous of the new washer. Everywhere I've lived I've had "hand me down" washers and I dream of the day I get a new front loader!

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  4. Those shoes are awesome!

    We had to get a new washer. UGH.


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