Wednesday, March 01, 2017


After too many very busy, slightly insane, weekends, it was so nice that this past weekend was pretty empty. On Friday night we invaded the grocery store and bought a few bouquets of spring flowers. The kids each got to pick one, and I got to pick two. Yay!
On Saturday we got to listen to the first Blue Jays' game of the year. It was a Spring training game, and since last year, I've totally forgotten how unfamiliar all the names are during these games. This is basically the time of year when baseball management is determining who will make the Blue Jays' squad and who will end up in the minor leagues so you rarely get to hear the familiar names. Sometimes I couldn't even tell which team was up to bat. #firstworldproblems
For the past two weeks (is a tradition yet?!??!), we've made homemade pizzas. Sam is trying to perfect every symmetrical pizza he can. Rachel is trying to perfect the art of the cheese pizza. We all need goals, right?

Sunday was a long morning at church. I was in the nursery with Tessa and Anya and we had a college choir visiting. Our service is normally an hour and fifteen minutes (give or take). Well this one was almost two hours long. Ack :() It was a very long time to be on nursery duty.
We revived by cleaning the playroom in the afternoon, putting all of last year's photos into an album (508 photos for one year), and having a cuddly photo shoot. Okay, the kids spontaneously cuddled and I grabbed some pictures quickly before it devolved.
And that was our weekend. It may sound boring to you but I was excited because I got almost everything crossed off my to do list. I think that, right there, is the definition of being an adult, "When exciting is defined by if your 'to do list' gets finished." Ha!


  1. 2 hour service? Wow. When I was studying abroad in Russia, we went to an Eastern Orthodox Church service that was THREE hours long and all in Russian lol. It was an experience!

  2. Sigh...and now I'm craving pizza. And as for a 2 hour service, I fear my attention span wouldn't last. I can't even watch a 2 hour movie without fidgeting and/or taking a break.

  3. Those weekend breaks are so encouraging! (C is reading this with me and is fascinated by the playroom and the leaves behind Rachel's picture. :D )


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