Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rachel Ballerina

After yesterday's post, I decided to write a, shall we say, "fluffy" post for today. For Hallowe'en Rachel was Piglet, but for preschool she got to dress up two days in a row. I encouraged her to wear her tutu for her second preschool dress up day. Then I took some pictures.
Just for a little comparison, here is Rachel wearing her tutu at various ages and stages!
My parents gave it to her for Christmas 2011 when she was six months old.
Rachel looked stylin' in the Bumbo in January 2012.
Rachel Ballerina, Hallowe'en 2013

Honestly, almost every single one of these pictures makes me laugh!!!


  1. I don't usually comment on "my own" blog, but I *love* the pictures of Rachel in the tutu over the years! Also, I should mention that the tutu usually hangs on the back of her bedroom door, so it is a constant, colourful presence in our house.

  2. Haha love the tutu through the ages!! So fun!

  3. Love that tutu! It's beautiful! And the little girl wearing it isn't too bad herself! :)

    1. Thank you! My cousin made the tutu for her business. I love it and am so glad my parents got it for Rachel.

  4. What a cutie pie!! She is so pretty! I love the colors of the tutu! I think with a few accessories, she could have a little peacock costume.

  5. I agree with everyone, the "fluffy" ballerina post is perfect, and that ballerina is too cute at every stage. You know I love "comparison" pictures like these! I also agree with Tracy...those colors are perfect for a peacock costume. My oldest niece was a peacock for Halloween a couple of years ago and those were the colors of her costume! :-)


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