Monday, November 17, 2014

I'm Too Sick To Use Commas

So I had planned to write a different post for today but I woke up two kinds of sick. Yep, being sick with one thing was not enough, my body decided to rebel in a couple of different ways. So instead of getting up early to blog, packing Sam's lunch, and heading off to the preschool to do some work, I am lying on the couch making the kids bring me things. I mean, don't we all have kids so they can take care of us when we are old and sick?!?! I'm just taking advantage of it a few years early. Plus, they need some exercise in the midst of their endless day of video watching. Rachel is sick too as she has been coughing a lot, and no one was in good enough shape (or had enough time) to take Sam to school so it's a pajama (sick) day for all of us.

All that is to say that I had planned to write about Sam's class field trip from a couple of weeks ago but I'm too tired to look up all the names (and spellings) of the different dinosaurs so you get this instead. (And I know this sentence needs a comma or two, but I'm too tired to figure out where to put them, so this is what you get. Relatedly, this whole post could probably use more commas.)

Somewhere in the not too distant past, Dave and I had a date night. We spent an hour of it at Target finishing up most of our holiday shopping for the kids. Two holidays requiring gifts in short succession means twice the amount of work. Then we headed to a new(er) place in town called "Games On Tap." Basically it is a cafe where you can go and play any game. And I do mean "any."
This is just a part of their game wall.
And another wall had these gorgeous games, which you could also take down to play, displayed. We've already decided we need to go back with Sam and Rachel and play the Snakes And Ladders game which is the one at the bottom.
Dave and I were pretty tired and not in the mood to figure out a tough strategy game so we asked for some advice. We ended up playing a game called "Timeline." You get a bunch of cards and then have to put them in chronological order. You then flip over your cards and pick up two new cards for every one you have in the wrong order. This is a run I finished with my original seven cards. I did not take pictures of the run of twenty cards which Dave and I mutually decided I did not need to finish. This game gets harder as you add more cards. "I know this probably happened in the 50s but do I put it before or after 1954?" And then you turn over the card and realize it came out in the 70s and you pick up two more cards.

We did not play the Science and Physics version, by the way!
Dave then spotted this gem on the shelf, "Word Fun." There are five levels of words and you need to hear the definition and then determine what the word is. Then you spell the word. Dave and I skipped the spelling part for the first three or four levels because if you can't correctly spell "tall" than this is not the game for you! You usually know what letter the word starts with. The words varied in difficulty from "no" on the first level, to a tricky "cement" not "concrete" on the second level, to "commissary" and words Dave and I had never heard of on Level 5. If you are word nerds like us, you would likely enjoy this game.

Last week, I read Natalie's blog and discovered that we were at this place at exact same time. Considering this place has about fifteen tables, I think it is hilarious that we never actually met. This all goes to show that I am usually in my own little world and not very aware of my surroundings. In other words, you never want me to be a witness to a crime because I would probably not even be aware it had happened in the first place. Ha!

Dave and I had a really fun time and would love to go back sometime with the kids. After all playing Candyland has got to be more fun in a cool place like this, right?


  1. I am so sorry that you are sick. I haven't been feeling well either and spent most of the weekend in between doing loads of laundry that is. The shop looks like so much fun! Jason would want to go there all he could. He loves board games.

  2. What a cool place!! I would love to go to a board game place!! That is amazing! And I'm really sorry you're so sick- yuck! Hope you feel better soon and that the kids are good chefs/housekeepers/personal assistants.

  3. When you go back let me know. I'll sit at a table and see if you can find me :) And then mayyyybe I'll let your kids beat me in snakes and ladders ;)

    Hope you all feel better! Although with the weather outside today it was a nice day to be cooped up in the house under a blanket!

    1. Ha ha ha!!! And you can totally take my kids on at Snakes and Ladders, as long as you realize that all games are played by "Sam's Rules" which are only advantageous to him and no one else!

  4. Ugh, sorry about the sickies. Commas are often overrated anyway. Haha! Actually, it is usually a pet peeve of mine that so many people don't use them properly, but your post actually seemed quite well-written despite your "disclaimer." :-) That board game place does look awesome. I think I would especially like it because I hate getting board games out at home because of all the little pieces which you know don't often mix well with little kids. At least these are someone else's games at someone else's place so less stress about the mess. :-)

  5. The boy and I are big on planning games together, so I'm sure we'd love a place to me. We do have a pretty good game collection in our house, but Timeline is one I've never heard of and think it may make a good addition to our collection.


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