Thursday, November 27, 2014

Homework, Now Fun For The Whole Family!

Sam's teachers sent home the above sheet at the beginning of this month. One quiet Saturday, we decided to start crossing some things off. First on the list was "sorting your Hallowe'en candy." Rachel wanted to get in on the action too!
Rachel was sorting hers by colour and Sam sorted his by type.
Sam then sorted his by "hard packages" and "soft packages"...
...and lastly, by colour.
Then, he needed to collect something from nature and create an art project. He also needed to write his name with five different writing tools. We'd already collected these leaves for LOGOS and had extras so I explained the phrase "Killing two birds with one stone" to Sam and we created an art project by "writing" his name in leaves! Then he wrote his name in dot markers, pen, pencil, and pencil crayon!
Lastly he had to write down the names of the people in his family. Writing is not Sam's strength so I really had to encourage him to do this one. He also did some less camera friendly things like reading a book to Dave and finding rhyming words, although I supposed I could have videoed that one!

One thing I've discovered about Sam is that he is just like his mommy. He LOVES finishing something off this sheet and then crossing it off. He likes the sense of accomplishment as much as I do! Neither of us can wait until the next time Sam's teachers send home a homework sheet. After all, it's been fun for the whole family!


  1. Addi has a little homework to do every night. I think it makes learning fun!

  2. That sounds like some fun homework projects. Evan has always enjoyed doing his homework too because he likes feeling accomplished. Handwriting was not always his strongest subject either, but luckily, his writing has improved so much this year, and he actually likes it now. I am impressed that he has improved so much in his sentence writing and use of punctuation. It is amazing seeing their progress. I bet you will see the same thing with Sam in the next year or two. Practice makes perfect, right? :-)


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