Monday, July 16, 2007

Hanging out at Heathrow

So it's 5:45am and we're checked in for our flight to Prague which doesn't leave until 7:30 so we have some time to spare. We're looking forward to navigating our way through the Czech language!

We had a long day of travel getting from the Canary Islands to London. We got bumped from our original flight which meant that we went from Tenerife to Manchester and, after a four-hour layover, finally flew to London. On the plus side, we got reimbursed handsomely, which made the time hanging around in the Manchester airport quite bearable.

Yesterday was a down day, and we spent much of the day sleeping.

Last night we had the privilige of sleeping on Firefly, Chris Allen's boat. Natasha had been there before but Dave hadn't. This meant that we got to sleep for about four hours before catching a bus to Heathrow at 3:30am. We are looking forward to spending another two nights on the boat when we return from Prague.

We enjoyed some Indian take-away last night, our first proper meal since a lovely Italian meal on Friday night in Buzanada.

A random ST:tNG coincidence:
On our flight from Tenerife to Manchester, we were shown a Simpsons episode (the one with the Stonecutters), which Dave discovered had Patrick Stewart as a guest voice. The next thing that was shown was a movie called "The Librarian", directed by none other than Jonathan Frakes... eerie!

That's all for now; we'll try to find an Internet cafe somewhere in Prague, but otherwise we'll try and update on Friday.

Dave and Natasha

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