Monday, July 02, 2007

A bizarre series of events

So yesterday when we were talking with Dora-Marie, we realized that Deanna, who is our new landlord in Edmonton, also happens to be at the London Mennonite Centre (LMC) right now! We saw her tonight at supper and enjoyed a good conversation, in which we also worked out some details for moving in August. We also met her friend Trevor. Who might be my new boss when I move to Edmonton. Let me explain...

Some of you have asked what I will be doing in Edmonton and my answer has been, "Working somewhere, I hope." Deanna sent me an e-mail at the end of April, mentioning that her friend Trevor, who owns his own company, was looking for someone to do bookkeeping. I told her I might be interested and Trevor called me and we talked for about half an hour. Trevor told me that he would get back to me at the end of July but things seemed positive.

Well, as I mentioned, not only does Deanna happen to be visiting LMC, but as we were going around introducing ourselves at supper, we also met Trevor. When we sat down to talk, Deanna mentioned, "Trevor, this is the Natasha you talked with in May, and Natasha, this is the Trevor who you might be working for." Oh. I definitely wasn't prepared to meet with my potential future boss at supper tonight. But we had a fairly good conversation, and Trevor was telling me how far a walk his business was from where we will be living so things seem rather positive. I also happened to mention that I was still intending to send him my resume and that since Dave's laptop was here I could potentially e-mail it to him tonight. Deanna said she had a USB key here so an hour ago I put my updated resume on her USB key and now Trevor has it.

So for those of you who think I am just gallivanting around London I just want to let you know that I have also handed out a resume, and had dinner with, my potential new boss!

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