Monday, July 09, 2007

Doing what we're expected to

Not much exciting happened yesterday (Sunday) but we should probably write something so here it is.
Today was a day of doing what almost everyone else here does. In other words, we spent some time at the pool swimming, reading, and lying in the sun, then we watched some episodes of Friends which were showing on the timeshare DVD channel. We spent some more time lying in the sun later on in the afternoon and I (Natasha) cooked supper. I even made garlic bread to go with the pasta!
After supper we ventured outside the timeshare to walk to the ocean. It was quite beautiful and exciting and we'll probably head there to do some swimming this afternoon. The beach is nice with sand but quite littered with garbage so I don't think we'll hang out there much, other than to go swimming. We also ran away from the waves which was quite fun!
Then we came back to our apartment and watched The Empire Strikes Back, again on the DVD channel. After such an energetic day (!) it was time to sleep so we did. Another beautiful, and lazy, day in the Canary Islands.

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