Tuesday, April 18, 2023

I Spy 2023: Week 15

I hope to be on top of "regular" blogging soon (I have about twenty posts sitting in drafts including some of the Not Just A Mom topics, what I've been reading, and finishing off our March Break trip) but for today, you get my next instalment of "I Spy."

Let's Play iSpy 2022

Work Space – quarterly

My "work space" this quarter reflects that we've been on the go and everything gets dumped on my desk -- memory clothes to be put away, the big camera needs to be fixed, I need to file more than a few things, and tidy a few more things. One of these days it will be a priority to get this space in order and a little more decluttered. One of these days...

Out of the blue


"Out of the blue" my mother-in-law got hurt and Dave and I found ourselves driving through the countryside to see her. She will (eventually) be fine but it's going to be a bit of a journey so we're likely going to be spending more time on these roads in the coming months...

Starts with B


Me, enjoying a "Ball Four Blood Orange Mule" in a souvenir Blue Jays cup, while watching my beloved Blue Jays play are a lot of things which "start with 'B.'" We were so happy to catch our first (but definitely not last!) in person game of the regular season.



Since Sam, Rachel, and I all love "apples," but don't enjoy the same variety, you get the plural version of this prompt!!!

Your Choice

Watching my dancer do her thing will always be "my choice." I loved watching Rachel in her company spring performance this past weekend (I cried twice during the show) and am looking forward to seeing her dance again in her studio's big show in a few weeks.

*week 66 of Lysha's challenge prompts. See her post here.


  1. Gosh sorry to hear about your mother in law but those fields are so pretty- love your drink at the park- woohoo! Those pics of Rachel are gorgeous too :)

  2. I hope your mother in law is ok! You look a lot like Rachel in that Blue Jays picture. I hope I won't cry too much at Gabbie's final recital this May!

  3. Cannot believe how Rachel has grown up. Such a graceful dancer. Love her twirly skirts.

    We like apples, but not the same variety, too. I need to get in there and eat a couple before they go bad. Maybe for lunch today.

    Hope your MIL is on the mend. Beautiful drive out to see her. Enjoy that little bit of down time on the drive. Maybe you guys could listen to a book together??

  4. Hope your MIL is ok!! Hurray for baseball!

  5. Sorry to hear about your mother in law! We don't all have the same favorite variety of apple here either. You did a great job with your photos.


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