Tuesday, April 11, 2023

I Spy 2023: Week 14

Welcome to the Passover/Easter/Spring edition of "I Spy." This is also the "I've eaten a lot of good food" edition of "I Spy." Hahaha!

Let's Play iSpy 2022

Selfie – Quarterly

This is my spring "selfie" on my favourite path. Honestly, it doesn't look all that different from my winter selfie because we didn't have a lot of snow when I took it. Don't mind the fact that I spent all day doing yard work and desperately need a hair cut. This is what I look like right now :)


My plate was "covered" in salads for our first BBQ of the season. I LOVE a good BBQ meal with a variety of salads. YUM!!!


We posed for Easter pictures "beneath" the tree in our front yard. These aren't the best pictures but it was very sunny and they were self-timer pictures with my phone propped up on our front porch. 


Matzoh ball soup is "among" my favourite Passover food. YUM!!!

 Choose Anything (same vantage point – Monthly)

Here is our dining room this month. On the left, ready for the Passover seder, and on the right, a little festive for Easter. I keep saying "these are the last of the tulips" but these two bouquets -- a red and yellow striped one, and a very large pink one -- really are the last of the tulips.

*week 66 of Lysha's challenge prompts. See her post here.


  1. Gosh I would love to try your matzoh ball soup- looks so delish!

  2. Your BBQ plate looks delicious! I can't wait to have our first BBQ meal-- hopefully later this week.


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