Friday, November 12, 2021

Not Just A Mom: Small Shops

This month's Not Just A Mom link up is all about small shops. At first I wasn't going to join in, (which is why I'm late), because I thought that none of you would shop at any of these businesses. However, I decided to write about this because I like giving shout outs to local businesses. And if there's one thing Covid has taught us*, it's that we need to support our local businesses more than ever.

(*Really?!?!? There's only one thing Covid has taught us?!?!? Really?!?!?)

Some of these are stores that I only discovered during Covid because other friends were asking their communities to support them, so never underestimate the power of a good referral :)

The first store I want to write about is Gifted. They carry a very random assortment of things -- a lot of it locally sourced. We've bought rugs, scrunchies and headbands, puzzles (oh, so many puzzles!), stuffed animals, novelty plates, mugs, and more there. This is going to be our first stop for Channukah/Christmas shopping because our kids have a long list of things they want from there. (Honestly, I do too!!!)

All the puzzles (and this doesn't include others we've bought since then!) * me outside their old location * our bright blue kitchen rug

my palm print headband * our sloth outdoor rug

For a local bookstore, we always shop at WordsWorth Books. I love that they can order almost any book I need and that I can walk to their store in twenty minutes. This is our second stop for Channukah/Christmas shopping.

When our kids get their allowance, they immediately ask to go to J&J Cards and Collectibles. We buy almost all their Lego there as well as our family games. And this is our third stop for holiday shopping!

Like I said above, there are some stores I've only frequented more recently since Covid started. When there was a yeast shortage in our grocery stores for months, my parents' friend tipped me off to Ayres Bulk Food & Baking Supplies. I've bought my yeast there ever since. The kids and I can even bike there in good weather!

I love having a local greenhouse -- about a twenty to twenty-five minute walk away. Dave is not as thrilled! Hahaha!!! But Warren Greenhouses is such a great place to buy my annuals, my chrysanthemums, and more.

Last, but not least, I have discovered a great local florist in St John's, Newfoundland. I've needed to send a few bouquets to family friends there and Joanne's Floral Boutique & Gifts has more than come through for me. So if you ever need to send flowers in Newfoundland, give them a shout!!!

Again, I don't know if any of you will ever need to frequent any of these stores, but I highly recommend supporting small, local businesses. And you can find about more small shops by reading the other blogs who linked up with the Not Just A Mom bloggers listed below.


  1. This Gifted store is so cute! I love your palm headband and also love that you wear headbands at all! Have you always? They are very trendy right now.

  2. Is there anything better than a local bookstore? Wish she had one near us...yours looks adorable :)

  3. Small shops are so fun and a good cause, so to speak. Love the sloth mat!

  4. What wonderful stores you have so nearby too!

  5. Thank you for sharing these delightful small businesses with us. Happy weekend.


  6. Thanks! I always want to stop into KW and Guelph area, maybe we will get out that way this year and I can actually try some of these!

  7. I just went to Gifted yesterday to pick up a few things! First time in their new location - it's lovely!


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