Wednesday, November 17, 2021

I Spy: Week 45

I'm pretty late for this week's I Spy but, although I've been late, I've never actually missed a week, and I didn't want to start now. Side note: How are there only seven weeks left in 2021?!?!?! Discuss amongst yourselves. As always, I'm linking up with Lysha and the other I Spy bloggers at A Camera and A Cookbook.

Let's Play iSpy 2021

{selfie quarterly pic}

I try to capture the vibe of the season in my selfie so here's my fall selfie under a pretty tree I found in our Uptown on Saturday.

{starts with letter H}

You know what makes watching Hallmark Movies even more fun?!?!? Filling out a Bingo card while you do so. Rachel, Dave, and I had a blast with this on Friday night! Take it from us though -- it's less fun for a second movie in a row. Maybe we'll do another one this weekend :) I found our Bingo cards here. And Happy Holidays Hallmark Bingo definitely "starts with H." (I know it's not officially called "Hallmark Bingo" but what else could it be?!?!?


These file folders in the stairs haven't gotten much use these past couple of years, but what with all the "paper" coming home from school again this year, we've found these really handy. It's not a pretty sorting system, but it works.


Again, this is not the best picture but when we first walked into our house for a showing, I saw this corner -- the cute built in corner shelf and all the lovely wood trim -- and just knew it was going to be ours. And seven hours later it was :)

{your choice}

I was walking in our Uptown on Saturday and saw this corner with all the lovely mums and decided to capture the last of fall. We've had two days of snow since then (although to be fair, it's pretty much all melted) so I'm glad I caught it.


  1. That little built in is so fun!

  2. Cute pic of you! Those mums are gorgeous!

  3. The corner shelf is very cool. I love the mums too!

  4. I need the Hallmark bingo cards - I've already watched a few movies this year! :)

  5. Hi!!! Love your fall picture! And I haven't played a Hallmark Bingo in too long. I wonder if I could convince Ryan to join in??

  6. Beautiful selfie! Perfect for Fall.


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