Thursday, April 20, 2017

#tbt: We Had A "Superior" Time

One of the most unexpected treats of our trip home was our stop in Terrace Bay, Ontario. We basically stopped there because I wanted to dip my toes in Lake Superior, and there was a sign saying, "beach."
Terrace Bay was such a fun little place to stop. We definitely enjoyed getting our feet wet.
You can tell we all enjoyed the break from the car.
We had planned on making this a quick stop but then we discovered we could climb a lighthouse. Can you see Dave, Rachel, and Sam at the top?
We ended up eating lunch here and just enjoying a couple of hours in this cute, little town. I was just glad that no bears ended up visiting while we were eating. Yikes.

And to make this a legit #tbt, here's a picture of me in Lake Superior almost ten years ago, from when Dave and I moved from Waterloo to Edmonton, and drove out west. I look pretty much the same, right?! Hahahaha :)
August 2007


  1. You look exactly the same...cute as ever!
    I just love seeing the water too. :)


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