Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Science And Stairs And Squares

On the Saturday of our first weekend in Toronto, we met up with our friend, Mike, and his son, Will, to go to the Science Centre. After about half an hour, I realized, the Science Centre is MUCH better in small chunks as opposed to all at once. Unfortunately, a small chunk was not what we had planned for this day. Ooops.

We started out by looking through all the special telescopes above. They each gave us a different view of the sun. That was really cool!
We spent about four hours at the Science Centre discovering all sorts of different things, and the only way we could get the kids to leave, was to promise them that we'd go back sometime. As I said above, it really is better to discover it in small chunks.

On Sunday morning, Dave and I took our first Uber ride downtown where we had plans to climb the CN Tower. A couple of times a year, you can walk up it to raise money for charity. We were part of the World Wildlife Fund climb.
We weren't allowed to carry anything with us -- bummer :( -- so I don't have any pictures of us at the top. However, we walked up the 144 flights of stairs in a little over half an hour so we were pretty happy with that. What surprised both Dave and I was how tired out our lungs got. We had to take breaks to catch our breath. I expected my legs to be sore, but that was not the case.

Then we headed back to our friends to pick up Sam and Rachel and our stuff. The kids were really excited about eating a hot dog from a street vendor so we picked up hot dogs and ate at Yonge-Dundas Sqaure. It reminded me a bit of Times Square in New York and I'd love to explore here a bit more.
While we waited for our bus home, Sam and I read, and Rachel and Dave snuck up on us from the stairwell. It was very surprising!
And then we were finally home. It was a really fun, but incredibly exhausting weekend, and I was glad to sleep in my own bed again. But we had a really good time and can't wait to explore more of Toronto.

Disclaimer: What with our recent trips to Toronto and trying to finish up blogging about our trip last summer, I realize the blog seems a little travel focused right now. I promise you we do stay at home most of the time, and in the next few weeks, the blog will be a lot more focused on real life. The way things worked out, we ended up spending five out of nine days in Toronto and I am more than ready to just stay home for awhile now.


  1. Climbing 144 flights of stairs and you aren't even tired....because being a mom of young kids is just so easy right?!? Sometimes I think I could run a marathon just by my day to day "training" activities! lol :)

  2. That's a lot of stairs! I truthfully cannot remember ever climbing more than a handful of flights of stairs. Probably the last time was at the Philly Art Museum.


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