Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Currently: January 2023

Here's to a new year of "Currently" hosted by Jennifer at Overflowing With Thankfulness. The "currently" prompts this month reflect the freshness and resolve of a new year, which I love. Today, we're (hopefully) flying home from Saskatchewan so we're in a bit of a limbo space as we've just finished celebrating Christmas and haven't yet been home to anticipate the New Year.


I'm loving all the time we've had with my parents. Additionally, I'm also loving all the mixed drinks my dad has been making me. We like to invent our own drinks around here and I've really enjoyed his various inventions.


 I don't think I'm organizing much of anything right now. I'm looking forward to getting some house cleaning done on Friday and getting our house organized for a warm, cozy, January. I think I'm going to hang some white twinkle lights in our living room for a warm glow.


To get out skating with the kids more! We went a few times in December and I'd love to get out once a week or so. We have our neighbourhood rink and our local uptown rink and I want to make good use of them.


We've been eating all the yummy foods that my parents had for us -- spanakopita, jam jams, delicious cheeses (a yummy Merlot cheese for me and Sam to share!), fleisch pereski (meat buns, that my mom made vegetarian just for me), carrot pickles -- all the food!!!

We had an outdoor wiener roast yesterday and it was soooo yummy! Once we get home, our eating will be much less exciting and delicious!


I'm anticipating a winter weekend away in a couple of weekends. We're hopefully going to go downhill skiing, snowshoeing, and skating. It should be a lot of fun, if we can make it work. Last year we had to cancel because I had a health scare so I'm just not counting on it happening until we're actually on the road!

So that's what's up with us "currently." At some point over the next few days, I'm looking forward to reading the other posts in the "Currently" link up and finding out what's up with all of you!


  1. Awww, I love the happy pics with your parents.

  2. Time with family - it calls for all the fun drinks & foods you wouldnt normally eat!

  3. So glad you made it out to see your parents!! I had been thinking of you all and hoping it would work out.

  4. Here's to time spent with parents! What a blessing! The food all sounds delicious too.

  5. Thanks for linking up today, Natasha! I hope you arrive back home soon so that you can start making your own home cozy for the winter season. I loved reading about some of what you've been doing while you were at your parent's. Thanks for sharing that with us!

  6. How fun to mix and experiment with drinks! So nice that you were able to spend time with your parents and that pic of you guys enjoying your drinks is just beautiful.

  7. It sounds like you had a good time with your parents!

  8. Hope you made it home safely and the winter getaway goes off without a hitch!

  9. So glad you had such a great time with your folks!

  10. Sounds like you have had a lot of fun...and made great memories! And sounds like winter is in full swing. Enjoy all your snow activities!! I'm enjoying our unseasonably warm winter so far!!:)

  11. *I* want to spend the holidays with your family! The drinks, the food, it all sounds so wonderful. I'm so glad you guys were finally able to get there after all the delays and excessive driving!

  12. How nice you got to spend lots of time with your parents and eat yummy food. I hope your Winter getaway works out this year!

    Lauren @


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