Thursday, February 13, 2020

Disney Cruise: At Sea And Loving It

The second full day of our cruise was our first ever "at sea" day. I have to admit, before our cruise, I wondered if I would go crazy not being able to see any land all day. Spoiler alert: I didn't :)
We didn't have a balcony, but my parents did, so we enjoyed some outside time there.
One of the things I had read about online was "The Art of the Theme" tour. It is a tour of the ship and our guide was great. I loved learning about all the thought which was put into the little things. It wasn't just about the ship's art, but also about the overall design.
Rachel loved getting to have ice cream whenever she wanted. Sometimes she had me make the cone because she thought I did "the best job, Mommy!"
Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boutique is the super expensive hair and make up salon for kids. You could seriously spend more there than it costs to take your kids on a cruise. Seriously. However, kids can visit whenever they want for "pixie dust" (AKA glitter). Rachel visited five times for pixie dust -- formal and semi-formal nights, her princess meet and greets, and on pirate night. On pirate night she got "mermaid snot" (glitter gel on her cheeks) instead of "pixie dust." The glitter lasted FOREVER. Seriously, we've been back for almost three weeks and I bet I could still find a flake or two in her hair :)
I think next time we cruise, Rachel might just be over the princesses so I was glad she was still excited about them this time. I just love the pictures where she is talking with Elsa and Anna.

She was excited to look at the art gallery with my mom and dad... walk down the main staircase "like a princess"...
...and to check out the ocean from this porthole. The picture on the left might be my favourite picture from the entire cruise. And where was Sam, you might be asking? He was in Edge the entire time. I'm telling you, he LOVED that place :)
I can't remember what all happened in the afternoon but I spent some time reading in the "adult only area" of the ship with a Dole Whip. I'd heard so much about them that I splurged and bought one. Spoiler alert: I thought it was too sweet and did not like it. Boo.
My mom and Rachel enjoyed dancing to some live piano music. After, my mom and dad danced.
That night we officially celebrated my mom and dad's 50th anniversary on the cruise. They got "turned into" Mickey and Minnie, of course! It was fun!
Mom and Dad's stateroom host made the BEST towel animals. We all laughed so hard at this one! It was even better in real life.

I think this was also the evening where Dave and I walked around Deck 4, the deck where you could walk around the whole ship outside. Sam and Rachel spent the night in the clubs and we really enjoyed this whole day of exploring a lot of what the ship had to offer.

And it turns out I loved seeing nothing but water and sky as far as the eye could see. It was so incredible!

*You can read about Day 6 here.

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