Friday, September 01, 2017

August Goals Recap

The kids have been in soccer camp all week and I've been getting lots of work done/lots of things done around the house/had a few naps. And then I remembered that I have a blog and decided to check in on it. HOW HAVE I NOT BLOGGED IN ALMOST A MONTH!!?!?! What happened August? Anyways, I'm now back and I thought I'd check in with an update on my August goals.

1) Finish blogging about Kenya. I still have two more posts to write about our Kenya trip. I think part of my blog break is that I really want to blog about something else but I also really just want to finish blogging about this trip so I'm kind of stuck. I might make it a goal this weekend to get those last two posts and then continue on with other aspects of life. Ha!
Things still to write about -- our visit to the elephant orphanage 
and that time I kissed a giraffe!

2) Buy school supplies. Even though I wasn't really ready for it, we bought all the school supplies the kids needed on the Sunday of the August long weekend. And then the bags sat on the couch (for a day) which drove Dave nuts so the next day we labeled them all and packed them in backpacks. And they have been sitting there ever since waiting for the first day of school which is Tuesday.

3) Get more books off my TBR. I read nothing off this pile in August :( However, I did read eighteen other books this month. Yes, I read a lot. If you want to see what books I read, I post a picture almost every Friday of all the books I've read that past week. You can follow my "natashareadsonfridays" hashtag on Instagram here to see my posts.

4) Drink less caffeine; drink more water. You guys -- I'm so proud of how I did on this goal. I managed to cut down my daily Coke(s) to one every two, or even three, days. And I've cut my coffee-hot chocolate down to two cups a day. And I definitely upped my water intake. (I will admit that on our extended weekend trip this past weekend, I may have drank a Coke a day, but I'm excusing by saying it was vacation! Ha!)

5) Stick to our summer schedule. We definitely didn't follow this every day but it worked well for about two-thirds of the days and I definitely got more work time in, and more cleaning done, during our three and a half weeks of swimming and tennis in August so I'm counting it as a win.

6) Get to the pool outside of swimming lessons -- ideally two - three times a week. We did so well at this. What really helped is that my manager was looking for a way to entertain her son for one week while the rest of her family was out of town/at work so I hired him for two afternoons to watch Sam and Rachel. They spent most of those afternoons at the pool while I was getting work done. During that week Rachel learned to swim and Sam learned the following week. I think the most exciting news of the summer is that BOTH KIDS PASSED LEVEL ONE!!! Whoooo hoooo!!!
I may have cried (more than once) watching the kids just take off. It was AMAZING!!!

So that's how I/we did in August. There were some major wins (see #4 and #6) and some major downers (see #1) but that's how life goes sometimes.

Tune in next week to read about my September goals and more about Kenya... I hope!


  1. Can't wait to hear what you thought of the elephant orphanage!

  2. Nice--especially on the caffeine! I could not believe the number of school supplies and the organization it took. Definitely an eye-opener. Already a little nervous about doubling it next year!

  3. Yay for meeting goals!
    I feel ya on the caffeine thing...I have a bit of a sweet tea problem. For a while it was even giving me UTI symptoms because I would go jogging and then dehydrate myself with too much caffeine. oppps! :)


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