Monday, November 05, 2007


Our first major road trip since arriving here in August was to drive to Saskatoon to spend Thanksgiving with Natasha's family. Natasha took the afternoon off work on Friday and we arrived in Saskatoon in time for supper.

This was a more low key weekend than some other times we had spent in Saskatoon. We still managed to help Natasha's parents clean a huge stack of boxes out of their garage on Saturday, and then Dave helped Natasha's dad install a garage door opener. Natasha hung out inside, enjoying the warmth, and playing computer games!

On Sunday, Natasha's mom and dad made a huge Thanksgiving dinner and Natasha's Grandma Krahn, her brother Jason, sister-in-law Erin, niece Ainsley, and nephew Liam, along with Erin's dad Bob, joined us for dinner. It was fun to play with Liam and Ainsley although they were hyper. (Not that you can tell that from these pictures!)

Ainsley with Natasha's mom

Liam playing

(Note from Natasha: I think my dad has some better pictures.)

On Monday we drove around some of Lakeshore's property with Natasha's dad, and tried our hand at water witching. Dave was better at it than Natasha. (Lakeshore is the tree business Natasha's dad owns with her two uncles, although her dad is retiring in three days. For the most part.)

We had a nice drive home and we think you all know the highlight of that part of the trip! For those who don't look for our next post...

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