Friday, August 31, 2007

Road Trip Pictures

The Big Nickel at Sudbury and Dave

The Big Loonie outside Sault Ste. Marie and us
(gotta love self-taken pictures!)

A moose crossing sign
(Unfortunately we didn't see any real moose.)

A beautiful Northern Ontario view

Heading North on the Trans-Canada

Lake Superior has cold water!

Ontario's longest suspension bridge
(at Ouimet Canyon, near Thunder Bay)

The Terry Fox monument, just outside Thunder Bay

How could we not take this picture?!? It's in Dryden.

Visiting Jason and Katharina in Winnipeg

The first sign of home
(for some of us!)
'Nuff said.

Tying comforter knots with Grandma Ewert
at the Thrift Store in Lanigan, SK

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