Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sorry Guests

To all of you who do not have Gmail accounts and are reading this as guests, we apologize. It seems that we will need to renew your guest invitation every month. We are more than willing to do this and we apologize for the inconvenience this causes. We do want you to read our blog! But we also want to protect our privacy and not make this available to just anybody. Thanks for putting up with us :)


  1. I'll protect your face's privacy

  2. What if what you actually need protection from is Kirk?

  3. Nah. I'm harmless.

    But I would think that someone suggesting that others need to be protected from someone else is simply trying to let down the others' guard with respect to themselves, so truly it is that someone that needs to be protected against by others rather than the someone else.

    [Jenna, for the record, I'm a politician, which is the reason for that rabble...]

  4. Looking forward to checking in on you occasionally - and getting to know this Dave that I've never met.

    I'm excited for your Edmonton move! As is the other Tash!

    Mel MN

  5. Hey, I'm just back from Edmonton. It's great. Tash you have to go to Chicken Scratch on Whyte. Lots of fun stuff. I bought a Cattle-pult and potato gun. Why yes, I am settling into Saskatchewan, what makes you say that?

    Woo-hoo, more folks doing the Western exodus!
    Love Marts

  6. First off, I'm not Dave.

    Let me say it again, yay for friends coming West. Tash, you have to find Chicken Scratch on Whyte Ave.

    Callus when you get in, Marts

  7. I'm in! I'm in! Phew, that was a workout.


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