Tuesday, June 05, 2012

What's Rachel Wearing?

So this is the second most shallow blog post ever. Not too far behind this one! However, there are some clothes Miss Rachel Roo is going to be wearing in the next few months which I am very excited to see on her. Surprisingly not all of the clothes I mentioned in the previous Rachel's wardrobe post were as thrilling to me once she started actually wearing them so we'll see how this round stands up :)

These two dresses are so cute for summer. I love the gingham and mixed colours of the first one and the second dress has chili peppers embroidered on the neckline. So fun!

On the left is a super sweet sunsuit Rachel has already worn once, and on the right is a blouse which is embroidered in orange and pink. I am loving orange and pink together and I think this blouse will look great with a pair of denim shorts. Or even jeans in the Fall.

Speaking of Fall, I love the two sweaters above. Again I am picturing them with jeans and onesies underneath. I almost want a sweater like the one on the right!

But summer isn't over yet and I'm so glad because it means that Rachel will get to wear this cute fish dress. And if you look closely you will see it has matching underwear! Adorable!!! I had to get a picture of the owl pjs because I am loving them. Owls are so cute!

I'm also loving these bug pjs. For some reason I think they're cute and not creepy! Ha ha ha! And the red checked thing on the left is a pair of skorts. They have little yellow flowers embroidered on the left side and they are awesome!

So that's the latest installment of Miss Rachel's clothes. Look for her to be wearing some of these things in upcoming blog posts! Is it shallow to admit I can't wait to see her in all of this stuff?!?!?!?

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