Monday, June 25, 2012

Oma and Opa's Visit

Besides celebrating Oma's birthday, Rachel's birthday and Father's Day, what else did we do when my mom and dad were here? Read on to find out...

Sam and Oma played a lot of playdough.

Sam and Opa ate chips. And Opa didn't even eat them all
when Sam went for a drink of water :)

Oma helped set up the new pool, which was part of a group birthday gift for Rachel. We were very thankful to have the pool as three days hit 32C when my mom and dad were here and it was very nice to be able to cool off.

The other part of Rachel's gift was a sandbox which we had delivered, along with sand to fill it, from Canadian Tire. See the big empty space just waiting to be filled!

Sam and Oma watched while Opa emptied all the sand into the sandbox. Then it was time to hang out in the pool because it was just too hot out to not get wet!

We got the inflatable shark through a long, complicated story, but Sam has enjoyed playing with it so much. He even put it in "the shark park" as you can see in the left hand picture above. You will also notice this is the day we didn't break out the swimsuits, for some reason. Ha ha ha!

After hanging out in the pool, Rachel decided she needed to do Oma's hair!
Another day Sam and Opa planted Sam's sunflower from Sunday School which was outgrowing its cup and needed some actual space to grow. First they dug a hole...

...then they planted it...

...and then Sam watered it. Sadly I discovered on Saturday that something bit the plant off an inch from the ground. I really hope it recovers but I think it won't. Boo :(

And those were the main highlights of the visit with my mom and dad. We can't wait to see you guys again!

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  1. Great photos! We are going to have to get a small pool soon. : )


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