Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things That Grow In My Garden... Part 4

So it's been two weeks since I last posted and changes abound. Sadly, not all of them are good.
The Million Bells hanging on our porch is in sad shape. I'm tempted to cut it all back and see what it does. It's very gangly but not very floriferous. (Good word, eh?!) If I cut it back it might help improve the situation. The lettuce basket has a new lease on life thanks to some seedlings we picked up through our CSA. And Sam has some Sunday School "salad" (as he calls it) to plant in there as well.

These three baskets have all lost plants since last time. Something keeps digging them up and stealing them. I am NOT impressed. And I think it's a squirrel. sigh. However we'll keep watering them and trying to keep the rest of the plants. I'm very sad about this.
Our front is looking very green and full of flowers thanks to the hot weather which necessitated a change in location for our upper porch baskets. More on that in a bit. And yes, we have a stair climber on our hands folks. See her making her escape?!

The bed hasn't changed much and I recognize these aren't the best pictures. The flowers in here stay pretty happy in general and that's a good thing. And oh my word, those tomatoes are taking off. (And possibly taking over as well.) The Million Bells basket isn't hanging because I needed to water it and Dave hasn't had time to hang it back up. And I just don't feel like jumping on and off the fence just to hang it.

We had three days of 30+C weather and the upstairs porch plants were suffering. Badly. So we (my mom and I) moved them downstairs. My dad punched holes in the bottom of the gerbera watering can to help with drainage and they are going nuts people! I think I counted six blooms on that plant this morning. The petunia (and other stuff that I don't know what it is) planter got cut back by my mom. It's looking very green right now and I am looking forward to it taking off again. And the petunia planter was also given a new lease on life (by my mom!) and is looking pretty good right now.

So that's what is growing (or not) in my garden this week.

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  1. Eeeek...LOVE the gerberas in the watering can!! So cute!! It is so distressing when forces beyond your control (SQUIRRELS, cats, deer) are the cause of ruin to flowers. Makes me want to hire a sharpshooter to stake out my property at all times and take care of offending animals. ;)

    Also-- totally impressed you coerced your husband into painting your sticks!! That is awesome. Put up a picture of your finished product!!


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