Wednesday, June 13, 2012


...Sam had a fever so we didn't go anywhere and he watched videos
(which we conveniently picked up at the library last night!)
for most of the morning. Here he is watching "Mighty Machines."
...Rachel was left to her own devices so played with (and ate!) the recycling
while I tried to get things done on my list
(I successfully removed the permanent marker from my
whiteboard (Yay!) with vinegar and, ironically, dry erase maker).

...Rachel was the cutest Rachel ever when she finally
got dressed so I had to get a picture!
...we worked a lot in the yard and weed whacked (thanks to awesome neighbours lending us their weed whacker) and weeded and got things generally cleaned up.
...we got our own wireless internet service! Yay!!! Therefore I thought I should write a post :)

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  1. My son loves Mighty Machines! And ironically, we found that show at the library too! :)
    Rachel is a doll!


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