Sunday, June 24, 2012

Making Rachel's Ladybug Cupcake-Cake

Every year for Sam I've made him some sort of cupcake-cake. I'm not an artist and cupcake-cakes are (somewhat) easy. So when Rachel turned one last week I said, "I'll make a cupcake-cake." However, it took us awhile to figure out the theme for her party and it was sort of (kind of -- she didn't really have one!) ladybug based. I did find a ladybug cupcake-cake online (it's number 24) but there weren't many directions with it. At least not the kind an unartistic person like me needs! So Dave graciously made me a pattern based on the photo.

This is the kind of thing I can follow!

I made the cupcakes...

...and cooled them.

Then I madly hunted around the house
until I found something flat which was
big enough to hold all the cupcakes.
I finally found the top of a RubberMaid bin.

I made icing. It is very hard to get true black
and true red icing so I ended up with more
pink and grey icing. I figured Rachel wouldn't care!

I iced the "head" and the "tail."
It looked very odd at this point.

I added the red icing to the body and it
looked a bit better. This cake used A LOT of icing.

I added the eyes, the spots and the line down the middle.

I added black licorice to make the antenna
and Volia! A Ladybug Cupcake-cake.
And only one person didn't know what it was :)

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