Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Oma!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and today my mom and dad flew in to celebrate Rachel's birthday with us on Sunday. But before they got here we had a playdate with Carla, Aaron and Ella. We had a great visit and look forward to spending more time with them when they get back from a lengthy vacation. Sam especially enjoyed meeting their chickens (who are all female) which are named Fencey, Uncle and we forget the third chicken's name. Ooops.

Then Sam and Rachel played together while I got some things done like cleaning the laundry room sink and the bathroom. Fun times! But I do love how these two love to play with each other. Hopefully it continues as they get older.

After nap/quiet time it was time to make a birthday craft for Oma. I coloured on paper for Rachel and encouraged Sam to draw on paper on his own. He made a lot of happy faces (without mouths might I add!). Then I traced around their hands, cut them out and stapled them on to straws. Voila hand flowers! I displayed them in a vase at Mom's plate for supper.

Then Rachel remembered that we had no drinks for Oma and Opa so I took her to The Beer Store where she was definitely their youngest customer. And I might just get "Mother of the Year" award for that trip :)

Then Oma and Opa came for a late dinner and late birthday celebration! Sam was so excited to see them and Rachel couldn't keep her eyes off Opa. Until Oma started feeding her cheesecake and then she was all about Oma!

We're looking forward to a good week of birthday celebrating and visiting. And so far we're off to a GREAT start!

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