Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day Times Two!

So even though my dad was here for Father's Day, it was Rachel's first birthday, so both Dad and Dave were okay with being mostly ignored. I say "mostly" because we did have some Father's Day happenings.
Dave wanted to make waffles and Dad wanted to eat waffles, and so it worked out quite well. All Sam wanted to do was lick the whipped cream beaters so he was happy! Ironically he didn't like the whipped cream when it came time to eat it on his waffles.

I set the table and made coffee and Mom made the whipped cream. Rachel was sleeping although consumed her fair share of waffles (with appropriate happy noises so she must be her father's daughter!) when she woke up.

Here are Dad and Dave after eating way too many waffles, like eight or nine each! Mom and I only had two each and I couldn't even finish my second one. Between all of us we consumed two cups of whipped cream though :)

After some party preparation was done, Dave enjoyed weeding the boulevard. Yes, this was his choice of what he wanted to do on Father's Day.

Happy (Belated) Father's Day to two of the most important fathers in my life. I hope you had a good couple of hours before Rachel's birthday took over :)

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