Friday, June 01, 2012

Show Us Your Life -- Living Rooms

This is a blog carnival from Kelly at Kelly's Korner and I am soooo excited to be participating. For those of you visiting from Kelly's blog today, we just moved halfway across Canada, from Alberta to Ontario. We are renting a house for a year, before we (hopefully!) buy our own place, and it feels huge compared to the two-bedroom duplex where we lived in Alberta. If you want to check that house out you can click here, here, here and here for recent tours. But for those of you who want to check our new place, come on in to our living room.
This is looking into the living room from the front entry and you can see a bit of the dining room on the left. Our whole house, except the kitchen, has wood floors and I love them. It is a century house and was built in 1908. The rooms aren't very big, but I love our house anyways.

This is looking at the corner to your left in the picture above. You can see the front hall on the left of the picture and through a corner of the dining room to the kitchen at the right of the picture. We were so fortunate to have people give us furniture and this rocking chair came from my good friends.

The bookshelf is filled with all my photo albums going back about twenty years. I am currently going through them and culling pictures so I have room for more recent photos. (Yes, I still print photos and put them in albums -- I like to look at them in hard copy, not just on the computer!).

You can see some photos from our wedding on the wall and some family pictures on the shelf, along with the birdhouse my son and husband made this past winter

And this is looking at the other side of the living room from the dining room. (It's hard to get pictures of rooms! Have you noticed?!?!?!). The piano is the one my grandma (my mom's mom) bought with her first salary from teaching in 1928. I realized when we moved that most of our furniture isn't expensive or antiques but it has a lot of sentimental value to me. This is the piano I played whenever we went to my grandparents house and my husband and I feel sooooo fortunate to have it. The corner just has a coffee table with our magazine basket underneath it. On the coffee table are things we need to give to people (ie get out of our house!).

And this is the other corner of our living room. We have a big picture window but it looks out onto the front porch so it is kind of dark. You can see our front door to the right of this picture. We don't have great storage in our front entryway so the car seat and diaper bag have to live just inside the living room.

Thanks for "coming to visit!" Next week I'll show you another room.


  1. Cute cute! You've been busy! Hardwood floors are the best and you're not the only one with a pile of stuff to return to people.

  2. Looks great! I totally agree-- it is so hard to take pictures of a room! LOVE the piano...even moreso since it has so much family meaning behind it!

  3. I love your piano!!! The story behind it is precious!

  4. Ah! Hardwood floors always remind me of our family home in Maine.

  5. Love the piano story! Thanks for sharing your home!

  6. Love the hardwood floors!! Thanks for sharing and also stopping by to see my living room space on my blog.

  7. Love that you still print out pictures!! I keep meaning too....haha :)

  8. Your floors are GORGEOUS! So so lucky to have the original floors! And we have a very similar piano, it belonged to my grandparents. Sentimental value is so special :}

  9. thanks for stopping by my blog and your suggestion about hanging my picture higher--i think so too!
    i would love to live in an old house--i love the moldings around your doors. so pretty!


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