Friday, June 15, 2012

Show Us Your Life -- Bedrooms

I'm linking up with Kelly at Kelly's Korner once again to show off our bedroom. We don't have a guest bedroom right now which I really don't like. Eventually... (To see our living room and kitchen just click on the links.) The most exciting thing about our bedroom is that it is ours. Mine. My husband's. That's it! We had Rachel in our room from her birth until we moved to Ontario when she was 10 1/2 months old. That's too long a time for me to share a bedroom with a baby, although I realize some parents share even longer but that's not what this post is about. It's about OUR bedroom.

First of all we have double door into our bedroom so you can make a dramatic entrance. I LOVE them!

To the left of the double doors is our bed and my husband's dresser. Oh yes, we also each have our own dresser! (In Edmonton, Rachel, Dave and I all shared one (yes, one!) with a couple of plastic organizers to help. To check out our Edmonton bedroom click here. It was a masterpiece of efficient space use!) We have our ketubah (Jewish wedding covenant) hanging above our bed. Also on our bed is my favourite rose duvet set from IKEA. I have a couple of flowered IKEA sets and I'm glad my husband doesn't complain about sleeping under flowers all the time :) Plus it always seems like spring or summer in our room even in the dead of winter.
On my side of the bed I have my nightstand, a picture of Lake Winnipeg and a window. I hate our curtains but we are only renting this house for a year and they came with the house so it's not worth changing them.

My dresser is between the window and the door to our upstairs porch. Yes, we have a porch off our bedroom. It's awesome. Come back on August 17 when Kelly is doing SUYL porches to see it :) You can also see my husband's closet and a little bit of MY closet. Yes, not only do I have my own dresser I have my OWN closet.

I bought my bedroom set at IKEA the first time I ever lived on my own in an apartment and I still love it. One of my favourite features is the hooks to hang clothes on or to put my necklaces on. It's a great way to keep them from getting tangled.

This is a better view of Dave's closet, my closet (which extends all the way to the outside wall and is technically a walk-in closet since I have to climb into it to reach anything! Ha!), and Dave's desk. My closet has a sloped floor with ledges which my son was using to climb on. He even called it a "climb in closet" until my dad informed me the ledges were to store all my shoes on, which you can now see in the picture. Outside our door you can see the stairs going to the main floor and a very little bit of Sam's room. If we were living here for longer, or if we owned this house, I would paint our bedroom (I'm not a white person and I really like colour) but for a year it's good enough. And I LOVE all the space.
Thanks for stopping by to visit. I hope you enjoyed the tour.


  1. Love the double doors into your room, I wish we had those!

  2. What a neat room! Love the closets!

  3. Ikea is one of our family favorite stores. When we lived in San Diego our son loved it when he heard we were going there.

  4. Super cute room. Those doors, and the floors too, are beautiful!

  5. Great post! I really enjoyed the tour. : )


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