Monday, June 18, 2012

Rachel Turns One!

So this is how we celebrated Miss Rachel's first birthday. First Dave hung the obligatory birthday streamers.

Miss Rachel was quite intrigued by them and kept looking up! Although she didn't like the unpredictable ones by her room which flew into her bedroom at random moments. And the ones on the fan sounded like it was raining all the time!

Mom, Dave and I worked most of the afternoon getting ready for the party -- doing dishes, decorating the cake, cleaning up, making salads and organizing. At 5:33pm we did a champagne toast in honour of Rachel. We got this idea from our friends Jeremy and Hannah and we have no pictures of the toast because we were all drinking. Ha ha ha! Here is Dave popping the cork. (We realized afterwards that the cork likely popped around 5:21 which was the same time my water broke. Ha!)

Then Janice, Mom, Marika and I started getting food ready in the kitchen...

...while Dave BBQd burgers with Tim's able timing assistance...

...and Marika also took some pictures of the general party for me. Thanks Marika!
After everyone had eaten, it was time for the main event -- CAKE!!! (Stay tuned for upcoming posts about the making of Rachel's cake and AWESOME pictures of her eating it!)

She needed a little help blowing out the candle so Sam stepped in!

And then it was time to eat it!

And here are various pictures of people with the birthday girl, post-cake extravaganza!

It was a fun party celebrating Rachel with good friends, great family and yummy food.

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  1. Awww, what a cute ladybug party for your little ladybug! But I must say, that black icing looks a little scary on her face. Haha! Glad I got to catch up on some of these posts! :-)


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